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  • Supports any IP and dynamic DNS services
  • Network protection from cyber risk
  • White label opportunity
  • Intelligent allow/block - per filtering policy
  • Wi-Fi usage stats and reports

One AP covers up to 20 users, 4 AP minimum


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Use cases

Cloud filtering service for protecting government-provided Wi-Fi networks

    SDT lngenieria is а managed service provider (MSP) and а contractor of the Ministry of...

    Malware and Botnet Protection for a Managed IT Provider

      Vaughn Reid III, CEO of Vital Computing, LLC, speaks about their experience working with SafeDNS.

      Web filtering for an Internet & phone service provider

        An Internet & phone service provider faced the task of finding a wellfitting content filtering solution that would help the...

        We have 6 Million Protected End Users

        William C.

        Senior Systems Administrator

          "Excellent protection against malicious websites. Easy to set up and configure and protects malicious sites with harmful coding. Applocker is also a great feature."

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