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Extended categorization database

Extended categorization database

The company's technology is based on resolving DNS queries and its database of over 109M categorized internet resources. These technological elements are the foundation of the SafeDNS efficient and reliable products and services with many features network operators find useful.

ISPs use SafeDNS to protect their entire customer base against web threats and offer end-users means to safeguard young internet surfers from harmful web content and online time wasters.

SafeDNS mobile and internet service providers attract new subscribers, increase their loyalty and get insights on user behavior online. For this endeavor, telecoms choose from our range of products and services that suit their goals.



Cat API cloud based

  • Cloud-based REST
  • Categorization API is fastest and simplest way to integrate the database information
  • Database will be located on our servers
  • Doesn’t add any pressure on your hardware
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  • Quick deployment
  • Integration with your hardware
  • Database will be located on your local servers
  • Preferable with 50k users and above
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How it works

Step 1

Send us traffic requests

Step 2

See the category of this domain/URL

Step 3

You can choose what to do with this domain (For ex. block or allow)

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What you need SafeDNS for


Zero trust network architecture is a good investment against stolen
data and network threats. Use our product with your additional security
services and make your product ZTNA.

Content filtering

Decide which categories of content to block or allow on their network
among 61 categories of all visible part of the internet our web filtering
solution has to offer.


Compliance and regulation filler. Comply with regulation concerning
blocking resources deemed illegal, harmful, and dangerous by the

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Customizable categories

Customizable categories

Tailor the service to any individual needs by fine- tuning the filter. Create new categories based on your own needs.

Big database

Big database

The company’s technology is based on resolving DNS queries and its database of all visible parts of the internet.

Regular updates

Regular updates

No non-existing resources in Categorization DB. Only relevant information with daily updates, which allows us to constantly increase our resource base.

High precision AI & ML database

High precision AI & ML database

Our AI & ML automatically categorize internet resources and detect malicious ones, which allows SafeDNS to instantly prevent all threats to your data and network.

Easy to use

  • Fast deployment
  • Easy management
  • Clear documentation
  • 24/7 phone, email and live chat support