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Network Security & Web Filtering
  • Phishing, Malware & other threats

    Blocks access to domains containing harmful information. Prevents you network from accessing websites with viruses, malware etc.

  • AppBlocker

    An ability to block access to servers of a certain app, service, game or ecosystem without manual adding domains to the dany list.

  • Web Filter

    An ability to chose categories to block via DNS filtering.

  • DNS Encryption & TLS

    Additional feature allowing to increase your connection security by encrypting traffic with DNS over TLS.

  • VPN

    Create a config file to start filtering via OpenVPN client on any platform.

  • Schedule

    Create your own schedule with different filtering rules which can be automatically changed by chosen time periods.

  • OpenWRT module

    SafeDNS filtering module for routers running on OpenWRT firmware.

  • DD Client

    Software allows to configure the filter in a network without DynDNS support.


    Filter through different SafeDNS endpoints on the same network brings more granularity since each end point can be configured with different filtering rules.

  • Windows Agent

    SafeDNS application for Windows OS.

  • Linux Agent

    SafeDNS application for Linux OS (Debian 10-11, Ubuntu 18–21, PopOS, Fedora, CentOS).

  • MacOS agent

    SafeDNS application for MacOS.

  • Android

    SafeDNS application for Android OS.

  • iOS

    SafeDNS application for iOS devices.

  • ChromeOS

    SafeDNS application for ChromeOS devices.

System Management
  • Integration with AD + Aliases

    An ability to filter traffic inside of Active Directory environment + resolving of private domain names.

  • Custom block page

    Customize appearance of the block page. Choose one of preconfigured styles or create your own using HTML syntax (HTML is not available for SafeHome).

  • Enforce Safe Search (Google, Bing)

    Hide inappropriate materials from any search queries on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo etc.

  • Enforce Resitricted Mode for YouTube

    An ability to block access to videos marked as age restricted or contains inappropriate materials.

  • Denylist/ Allowlist/Namelist

    Customize specific lists which can allow or deny access to particular websites despite of the categories settings.

  • Allowlist Only

    Blocks access to any websites except ones from the allow list.

Policy & Reports
  • Policy per user

    Assign individual filtering policies for particular users via SafeDNS agent or IP and collect individual data.

  • Policy per group

    Assign individual filtering policies for particular group users via IP or DynDNS and collect group data.

  • Detailed reports per user

    An ability to export detailed information of visited or blocked domains.

  • Archive & export stats and logs/1 year

    We keep stats and logs of our users up to 1 year. Therefore, you can export your statistics for this period anytime

  • Monthly report sent by email

    Receive automatically generated reports of the service usage.

Tech Support 24/7
  • Personal manager

    Get instant help at any time.

  • Email Support

    SLA response: 2 hours

  • Chat Support

    SLA response: 2 minutes

  • Priority Phone Support

    SLA response: immediately

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Use cases

US Hospital Network

    US hospitals undergo cyberattacks daily, having been the number one targeted industry for hackers for many years in a row...

    Hassle-Free Solution for a small ICT company

      Specializing in automation solutions for SME customers, Fox Techno Service encountered web filtering challenges…

      SafeDNS Ensures Compliance for a Cybersecurity Company

        Hack-Inn needed an effective web filtering solution to mitigate risks and comply with ISO27001 standards…

        We have 6 Million Protected End Users

        William C.

        Senior Systems Administrator

          "Excellent protection against malicious websites. Easy to set up and configure and protects malicious sites with harmful coding. Applocker is also a great feature."

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