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Wondering how to block Facebook and secure your data? Want to restrict Internet access at the workplace?

With SafeDNS you get more than just a brilliant Internet filter.

Control and protect your business from online threats

Using SafeDNS

DNS-layer filtering

DNS-based filtering is the most comprehensive web filtering technique. It blocks unwanted sites altogether before users access them. It also restricts accesses to both HTTP and HTTPS sites. Other than that, DNS filtering is indispensable for blocking malicious sites as over 90% of malware uses DNS to carry out malicious campaigns.

Category-based filtering

Decide what type of content to block or allow on your network. SafeDNS provides 61 categories to choose from.

High precision filtering

To deliver users an exceptionally accurate web filtering, SafeDNS uses its own web categorization database with 109M sites, distributed in 5 dozen content categories.

With the database information we analyze each DNS query from SafeDNS-protected devices to define what content categories the requested site belongs to.

The domain queries from user allowed-categories are successfully resolved into IP addresses of the requested sites. Otherwise, SafeDNS shows users a service block page – instead of the requested site.

Internet without Malware and Phishing

Use SafeDNS cybersecurity solutions to avoid phishing and data theft. Protect every endpoint your staff have access to.

Easy setup and usage

Start internet filtering within minutes. No additional hardware or software required. Redirect DNS queries from your corporate network to SafeDNS filtering servers, and set your filtering rules.

Service Dashboard

Use ‘Service Dashboard’ to create filtering policies, manage filtering settings as you see fit. Assign policies to individual staff members, groups, or the entire network.

Filtering customization

Intelligent whitelisting or blacklisting, and fully customizable ‘service block pages’ will be available to you. From our white and black lists, you can assemble your own lists depending on the company policies or interests. You may also add sites to be excluded from any filtering rules. Personalize the ‘service block pages’ to let your staff know why this or that site is blocked. To tailor the page to the needs of any audience, you may create an ‘individual block page’ for each filtering policy.


Assign websites into one of the available 61 categories in the panel management, e.g., news, social media, adult websites, etc. Allow or restrict access to the whole category without setting the same rule site by site.

Internet usage stats

Check detailed filtering stats and reports to keep an eye on the online activity on your Wi-Fi. If the stats show the presence of any breaches with the Wi-Fi use policy, you can immediately adjust the settings of your filtering profiles.

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Awesome value service, I have started using SafeDNS as one of the layers of internet security in my organisation, and its amazingly easy to use

Christian Pilling
35 years

Award-wining software

Since 2015, the SafeDNS award-winning filtering service has been tested annually and certified by AV-Comparatives, a world-known test lab. After 2017, all tests done with SafeDNS solutions have managed to block not less than 98,3% of requests for adult content with no ‘false positives’ recorded.

Fast DNS resolving

The company’s filtering servers, located all over the world, are connected by BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) Anycast in a failover network. It is designed to process queries from millions of users 24/7, so that you can get the filtering service without interruptions. That’s why we guarantee users no latency during their DNS queries.

Multi-device support

SafeDNS supports any devices, IPs and third-party DNS services, and can be configured on APs, Wi-Fi routers and other Wi-Fi network equipment.


No limit on the number of users and extensibility of your filtering. You will be able to add new users to the filtering by purchasing more SafeDNS licenses.

SafeDNS is trusted by

  • Impact Technology Management Group, North America

  • GGR Communications, North America

  • Riverside Transit Agency, North America

  • XconX, APAC

Protect your business with SafeDNS

New clients – 15 days of free service

Free 15-day trial

Web Filtering for Enterprises

Protect all your offices, networks and locations against cyber threats and unproductive activity online

We offer special protection for large corporations and enterprises

The SafeDNS cloud filtering service fully meets their demand in securing web connection of any number of offices and networks. Contact Sales to learn more about the Safe@Enterprise plan with almost unlimited features.

Protect your enterprise with SafeDNS

New clients – 15 days of free service

Free 15 day trial

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