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Web filtering for Wi-Fi providers & integrators

SafeDNS web filtering solutions offer Wi-Fi integrators and providers automatic categorization of domains, as well as malicious resource detection.
Choose what you need to filter out from your public Wi-Fi to protect users reliably. Monitor Wi-Fi traffic to get actionable info for more precise ad targeting.

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Web filtering for Wi-Fi providers & integrators

What you need SafeDNS for

Internet access management and content filtering

Internet access management and content filtering

Get internet access for Wi-Fi guests under your full control. Allow visitors and patrons to access only appropriate and relevant sites, complying with your organizations values. Block internet traffic gobblers to save bandwidth. Create filtering policies per location, preventing users from surfing to unwanted resources. With SafeDNS, there’s a little chance you will have to face public Wi-Fi policy breaches.

Enhanced protection against porn and child sexual abuse content

Enhanced protection against porn and child sexual abuse content

You can easily filter out porn and child sexual abuse content on your Wi-Fi. SafeDNS has two filtering categories, entirely dedicated to child sexual abuse material - block them to make sure Wi-Fi guests never access this most heinous stuff. The well tested SafeDNS service blocks near-perfect 98.5% of requests to adult content, according to the 2020 test results by AV-Comparatives, a world-known test lab.

Protection against malicious and phishing resources

Protection against malicious and phishing resources

To improve your Wi-Fi quests’ experience, secure your entire guest networks from emerging and long-existing cyber threats - botnets, phishing, and malicious sites. Let no malware from infected user devices infiltrate your wireless networks.

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Increased revenue and CLV

Increase the average revenue per user (ARPU) and customer lifetime value (CLV) by charging an additional fee for any filtering-based services.


No limit on the number of customers and web filtering settings. To add new users to the filtering list, simply purchase additional SafeDNS licenses.

Malware & phishing-free Wi-Fi

Prevent guests from accessing malicious and phishing sites which can severely damage users’ devices or steal personal and corporate data.

Reseller panel

Create user accounts, choose service plans appropriate for them, manage all user settings, and access filtering stats from the centralized dashboard. Configure and manage the web filter as your clients and you see fit. Use SafeDNS subscription API for auto-provisioning.

White labeling

Promote your own brand by imprinting your corporate logo and custom domain on services offered to your customers. Our web filtering solution will work seamlessly under your brand.

Zero paperwork

There is zero paper work involved to get going with SafeDNS. We value your time and resources & make partnerships easy to start.

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SDT Ingenieria in search of Cloud Filtering Service for Protecting Government-Provided Wi-Fi Networks

Having tried the first-grade service for web content filtering, SDT lngenieria was convinced SafeDNS was just the right solution for a reliable protection of free Wi-Fi users. The customer got а high-quality filtering service compliant with the country’s regulations.
The 290 government-provided wireless networks аге now free of web threats and inappropriate content (pornography, child pornography, terroristic content, malware), allowing access to other internet resources needed for work, education, staying in touch with family and friends, and for having fun, of course.

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William C.

Senior Systems Administrator

    "Excellent protection against malicious websites. Easy to set up and configure and protects malicious sites with harmful coding. Applocker is also a great feature."