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Cloud web filtering solution built for MSPs

Tired of looking for a suitable solution? We will help you set up web filtering for your needs in the first meeting. Book a meeting with our tech engineers.
SafeDNS offers a range of services and revenue opportunities for MSPs and MSSPs. It is fast and easy to deploy without additional investment and seamlessly meets the MSP and MSSP marketplace’s needs.

Cloud web filtering  solution built for MSPs

What you need SafeDNS for

The multi-tenant panel

The multi-tenant panel

Logical isolation of applications and infrastructure while sharing the physical infrastructure. Security, reliability, scalability, and serviceability.

High precision filtering

High precision filtering

Our own categorization database and machine learning powered by AI provide highly accurate and flexible web filtering and protect your client’s network from malware and phishing attacks.

Partnership program

Partnership program

We offer cost-effective pricing options allowing to make additional margin on product reselling & discounts based on the project volume.



Secure entire business IT networks from emerging threats, attempts of malicious software launching, and irrelevant web surfing



Protect students against inappropriate and distracting content

Wi-Fi hotspots and wireless ISPs

Wi-Fi hotspots and wireless ISPs

Provide a safe and family-friendly internet connection for your customers. Prevent attacks from any infected clients’ devices

RMM & PSA integrations

To help you effortlessly add web filtering to your existing software, such as remote monitoring and management & billing solutions, we are constantly integrating SafeDNS with the best MSP software there is. Learn more about existing integrations & stay aware of new upcoming ones. If you need any specific integration, please Contact Us so we can make it happen.


Whitelabel our solution and seamlessly include it in your services, brand the filtering with your corporate logo and custom domain, and introduce a new value-adding service to your customers stamped with your brand only. Integrate SafeDNS via API, if needed.


Co-Op Marketing Funds can be set to accrue based on local reseller partners’ percentage of sales. These funds are typically used to reward or incentivize local resellers — by tier, class, region or individually — based on their level of sales performance. MDF may be issued to local resellers in advance of sales. This is discretionary in nature, because it is awarded based on predicted or expected behavior.

Plug & play solution

The deployment of web filtering solution takes no longer than 5 minutes. In other cases, feel free to speak to our tech support to quickly solve the issue. Roaming clients for Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android & iOS allow you to fully customize your clients’ content filtering & cybersecurity.

Threat protection

  • Our solution is AI- & ML-powered.
  • It processes over 1 billion DNS requests each day & categorizes 400K per day.
  • We block access to malware content and dangerous websites before this information may be downloaded to your computer. Thanks to AI & ML, we constantly add new sources for malware websites to improve our cybersecurity capabilities.

Quick support

  • Get 24/7 support with no extra charges.
  • We take pride in our tech support team. An average time of response in chat is 2 minutes. Get your training via docs, webinars, videos or online meetings.
  • For new users - getting started videos & setup guides.
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Vital Computing needed a non-complicated solution for malware and botnet protection and Internet content filtering for their clients

SafeDNS Cloud-based Internet content filtering provides both Vital Computing and their clients an additional layer of security at the network level. It also shields their clients from inappropriate content on devices connected to their networks and guest Wi-Fis.
Reaching the conclusion, CEO of Vital Computing says: “SafeDNS has provided us with great support over the years. They now offer both phone and traditional email-based support. The staff at SafeDNS actively seek feedback from their customers and continuously work to improve their product and service offerings.”

All data in one place

A reseller panel that allows you to choose the necessary plans for users and manage all customer settings from the centralized dashboard.

Step 1

Book a demo or Start your free trial by selecting the appropriate option

Step 2

Make a subaccount for your client in 5 minutes and configure all the necessary resources or entrust it to our specialist on the demo

Step 3

Use all the best SafeDNS features for free for 15 days

SafeDNS in numbers

MSP panel

  • Centralized panel
  • White labeling
  • Zero paperwork
  • Free 24/7 support via livechat, email, and phone call
All Features

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per user per month

We have 6 Million Protected End Users

William C.

Senior Systems Administrator

"Excellent protection against malicious websites. Easy to set up and configure and protects malicious sites with harmful coding. Applocker is also a great feature."