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Web filtering for ISPs

The most flexible and secure solution for internet service providers who want to take the protection of their network to a new level.
SafeDNS offers a range of products and services to suit telecoms goals, moreover with SafeDNS mobile and internet service provider attract new subscribers, increase their loyalty and get insights on user behavior online.

Web filtering for ISPs

What you need SafeDNS for

Parental control

Parental control

SafeDNS Parental Control Platform is a unique standalone solution installed inside the operator’s network on a dedicated physical or virtual server.

Compliance & regulations

Compliance & regulations

Our solution will help you comply with all rules and regulations regarding the blocking of resources that the authorities consider illegal, harmful and dangerous.

Block TikTok, 1xBet, cryptocurrency exchanges, and other websites and apps in compliance with legal requirements.

AI & ML categorization

AI & ML categorization

Tailor the service to any individual needs by fine-tuning the filter. Just choose which of the 61 content categories to block or allow or use it for marketing purposes.

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Anycast system

Anycast system

To ensure a smooth internet connection with no delays.

Unique server

Unique server

We can provide you with a unique server, if you require a local dns requests.

Secure servers

Secure servers

Our servers are fully protected from DDoS attacks.

Low latency

Low latency

Our technological features allow you to minimize network latency using our ISP solution.

Test our AI & ML — driven
categorization database

Explore the potential of our Categorization Database that combines AI & ML to protect your network. Give it a try - enter any website to find out its category in an instant.

Сheck website safety

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Our products for ISPs



The best way to manage groups of users by a single API call or access the database to check the category of any domain online.


Categorization SDK provides you with the best performance operating the SafeDNS domains database. The database Is offline so it can handle tons of queries per second.

Web filtering


Make your own DNS-filtering service for your customers with our easy-to-integrate filtering service for Internet Service Providers. No need to engage developers, just install the service according to the guide.

Cloud-based solution

Simple and robust DNS filtering for a company of any size. Easy to configure on any router, computer or smartphone or just install the SafeDNS agent.

Easy to use

  • Fast deployment
  • Easy management
  • Clear documentation
  • 24/7 phone, email and live chat support
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US internet & phone provider in search: "How to provide a cleaner and safer Internet and add extra protection against phishing, malware, and botnets?"

SafeDNS pays close attention to the regional regulations and updates the database of harmful websites to make sure the solution complies with the laws. In addition to that, the provider receives a report of blocked websites on a regular basis and can present this information to the Division of the Consumer Protection if needed.
Having added SafeDNS cloud filtering service the Internet provider met all needed requirements - included content filtering to the list of the services and escaped being fined.
Besides, the provider got an opportunity to filter out botnets, malware and phishing resources increasing all end users safety on the internet.

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We have 6 Million Protected End Users

William C.

Senior Systems Administrator

    "Excellent protection against malicious websites. Easy to set up and configure and protects malicious sites with harmful coding. Applocker is also a great feature."