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Safe online experience for your students

Content filtering and malware protection for safe online experience of your students.
Improve the academic performance of your students and protect your network users from all Internet threats and inappropriate resources with SafeDNS content filtering solution for education

Safe online experience for your students

What you need SafeDNS for

Regulations and district policy compliance

Regulations and district policy compliance

Take full advantage of a solution that complies with all regulations and rules. We provide US schools with the solution, which is CIPA compliant. With us, educators in Canada, Germany, the UK, and other countries can comply with local regulations.

Enhanced protection against porn and child sexual abuse content

Enhanced protection against porn and child sexual abuse content

Filter out porn and child sexual abuse content on your network. SafeDNS has two filtering categories, entirely dedicated to child sexual abuse material - block them to make sure students and staff never access this most heinous stuff. The well tested SafeDNS service blocks near-perfect 98.5% of requests to adult content, according to the 2020 test results by AV-Comparatives, a world-known test lab.

Internet access management and content filtering

Internet access management and content filtering

Get internet access at educational institutions and libraries under your full control. Allow students and employees to access only appropriate and relevant sites, complying with educational values. Create flexible filtering policies per age group preventing users from surfing to unwanted resources. With SafeDNS, you will avoid reputational damage to what kids and staff do on the internet.

Easy to use

  • Fast deployment
  • Easy management
  • Clear documentation
  • 24/7 phone, email and live chat support
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Set & forget

Set & forget

No hardware or software needed. Set SafeDNS up on your WiFi router or access the dashboard via your browser with our simple guides and get a hold of the internet browsing. It will take you a couple of minutes to start filtering your internet.

Allow list only

Allow list only

Include the resources you would like your students, visitors & kids to use in the list of allowed websites and make those the only accessible ones by pushing the “allow list only” button. This feature will automatically block all the resources not included in the list.

CIPA compliant

CIPA compliant

To receive funding, schools have to be compliant with CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act). No need for additional checks - we are fully compliant and have it covered for you. To further protect the kids from harm online, enable SafeSearch and restricted mode for YouTube in our dashboard. In addition, our web filtering complies with rules and regulations of IWF, BpjM and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection (Project Arachnid).

Remote management and protection

Our solution is cloud-based, so schools, universities and libraries can deploy SafeDNS easily & remotely in a few minutes. Monitor students’ activity across multiple devices, platforms, and networks — Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS.

Statistics & logs

Have full control of web usage - receive detailed reports on visited websites daily, weekly or monthly. See the info on how your network is used in a comprehensive form. Have everything under your control.

Contact tech support in seconds

Take advantage of our quick and free tech support if you have any issues. You will not pay extra for our specialist to help you out & reply in 2 minutes on average. SafeDNS specialists will assist you to deal with any difficulties despite your time zone, as we work 24/7.

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Dwight School Canada tried to find a tool to manage students’ internet activity

"Having tried SafeDNS firsthand, the school’s IT department was convinced this web filtering service with a special plan for educational institutions fully met the school’s demands. The educators got a personalized filtering service with unlimited opportunities for fine-tuning.
The school’s network free of web threats and inappropriate content allowed access to resources vital for students’ academic progress and necessary for Dwight School Canada’s employees doing their job."

Step 1

Start your free trial by selecting the appropriate option on the registration page

Step 2

Set up filtering in 5 minutes and configure all the necessary resources

Step 3

Check usage statistics, control site categories and enjoy a secure network for your students

SafeDNS in numbers

SafeDNS for Education

  • Phishing, Malware & other threats protection
  • Enforce Safe Search (Google, Bing)
  • Policy per group/user
  • Denylist/Allowlist/Namelist
  • Priority Phone Support
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William C.

Senior Systems Administrator

"Excellent protection against malicious websites. Easy to set up and configure and protects malicious sites with harmful coding. Applocker is also a great feature."