Malware and Botnet Protection

We offer proactive cloud protection for our users including the blocking of malware and botnets.

You are protected by SafeDNS against cybercriminals, who try to steal personal data or turn computers into their obedient "zombie-machines" to increase their botnet.

We block access to malware content and dangerous websites even before this information may be downloaded to your computer. The quality of filtering is always monitored and improved on a daily basis. We constantly add new sources for malware websites to improve our capability to block such websites.

Content Filtering

Block all unwanted or inappropriate websites, such as pornography, violence, hate or racism, weapons, alcohol and drugs, gambling and other content categories you may choose. Our database contains information on over 90 million websites (covering billions of webpages) divided into 55+ categories and is constantly growing.

We block online advertising in almost all forms, such as context ads, video and audio ads, banners and pop-ups. It's not a secret that nowadays advertising networks are often used by hackers to distribute malware payloads and infect unprotected computers.

Zero Cost Implementation and Support 

SafeDNS is a cloud service, meaning that you do not have to buy any hardware or install additional software on your client or server computers. All you need to do is register, set the service, specify your own filtering settings through our website interface and enjoy a safer internet!

The only expense you will incur is the subscription to our service. We will ensure your safety and the relevance of our block lists.

Reliable and Faster Internet

DNS availability was often a problem for many ISPs and the problem persists. Our DNS servers are distributed across the USA and Europe, to ensure fast and reliable access from any point worldwide. United by BGP Anycast protocol, our servers allow us to provide redundant and faster access to the internet as compared with other DNS servers, or in some cases even the DNS servers of your internet provider.

We take care of the safety and reliability of your internet connection,

so you can focus on your business

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