Safe Internet for your Family

SafeDNS offers a free internet safety service that will protect you from malware, phishing and botnets, block advertising and help you to block access to dangerous websites for your kids.

Performance for your Office

SafeDNS protects office computers and other network devices from online threats, as well as helps improve employees' work efficiency.

Your Feedback is Highly Appreciated

We would be really grateful to you for any comments and feedback. If you think our team has done a good job why not share some news about SafeDNS with friends?


Be Safe on the Internet. Try it now for free!


Malware Protection

Those users protected by SafeDNS are walled against cybercriminals trying to steal important data.

Content Filtering

Block all dangerous websites, such as pornography, violence, alcohol & smoking and other categories which you choose.

Cloud Service

SafeDNS is a cloud service, which means that you do not have to buy any hardware or install additional software.


If you (have) been looking for a feature rich and well advanced custom web content filtering software online, then SafeDNS can suite your needs absolutely great.
Robin C,

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