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Drive your revenue and improve Wi-Fi security for your customers

Do adding value to your services as a Wi-Fi provider and increasing your profitability sound tantalizing?

What if there was a way for you, let’s say, to get more revenues by making your Wi-Fi users safe in minutes without having to make significant investments on your side, would you nose-dive into such a solution at once?

Increase your revenue & protect clients against malicious online content

Using SafeDNS

DNS-layer filtering

DNS-based filtering is the most comprehensive web filtering technique. It blocks unwanted sites altogether before users access them. It also restricts accesses to both HTTP and HTTPS sites. Other than that, DNS filtering is indispensable for blocking malicious sites as over 90% of malware uses DNS to carry out malicious campaigns.

Category-based filtering

SafeDNS users decide which categories of content to block or allow on their network. We provide 61 categories to choose from.

High precision filtering

To deliver users an exceptionally accurate web filtering, the company uses its own web categorization database with 109M sites, distributed in 6 dozen content categories.

With the database information we analyze each DNS query from SafeDNS-protected devices to define what content categories the requested site belongs to.

The domain queries from user allowed-categories are successfully resolved into IP addresses of the requested sites. Otherwise, SafeDNS shows users a service block page – instead of the requested site.

Business & nonprofits

Any kinds of for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

Public Wi-Fi hotspots

Guest and public wireless networks at public venues.

Education & libraries

Libraries and educational institutions of any level – from kindergartens to universities.

Cyber security booster

With us, you can easily block malicious and phishing sites – in fact, any content your clients consider harmful and dangerous. To fight these threats, you may block all security-related categories in the service management panel.

Wi-Fi policy enforcement

Use SafeDNS to manage the client access to your wireless networks and reinforce their Wi-Fi usage policies, e.g., individuals, entire departments, or network-wide. For a multi-layer web access management, create as many filtering policies within a single organization as possible matching each client’s need.

Fast deployment

Start filtering the internet for your clients in a very short time. There’s no need for any additional hardware or software. Just redirect DNS queries of your clients’ network users to SafeDNS filtering servers depending on established filtering rules.


Provide filtering stats and reports to your clients which will help them monitor the online activities on their Wi-Fi. Not only does this add value to your clients, e.g., employers and educators, but it allows them to oversee the compliance of their staff and students with their internet usage policies, insights which they may find useful to learn more about their audiences and adjust their advertising campaigns accordingly.

Increased Your ARPU and CLTV

Increase the average revenue per user (ARPU) and customer lifetime value (CLTV) by charging an additional fee for any filtering-based services.


No limit on the number of customers and scaling of the filtering. You will be able to add new users to the filtering list by purchasing more SafeDNS licences.

White labeling

Promote your own company – brand the filtering with your corporate logo and custom domain, and introduce a new value-adding service to your customers stamped with your brand only.

Custom domain for your clients

The customized domain name might be, let’s say, ‘filter.yourdomain.com’. The domain and service dashboard on it will contain your logo. Thus, your clients will see the customized brand login page and dashboard with the relevant set of features.

Partnership program

As part of this program, we offer Wi-Fi providers and Wi-Fi integrators competitive pricing strategies with a reseller discount on our original pricing. The program has been developed by SafeDNS over many years of working closely with our partners.

Reseller panel

The panel allows you to create user accounts easily, choose the relevant service plans for them, manage all user settings and access filtering stats from the centralized dashboard. Configure and manage the web filter as your clients and you see fit. For auto-provisioning, use SafeDNS Subscription API.

  • Front page

  • Page for adding users

  • Page for managing user settings

  • Page for changing user parameters

  • Page for checking user activity report

  • Page for downloading user stats


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Regulatory compliance

Block any illegal content so that your clients comply with corporate internet policies and the regulation, concerning filtering out pornography and child abuse content. SafeDNS is Children’s Internet Protection Act compliant, which is vital for K-12 schools and libraries subject to CIPA in the U.S. Germany’s educators and Wi-Fi hotspot owners can block illegal sites from a list, maintained by Federal Department for media harmful to young persons (BpjM).

Protection against child abuse content

Because we signed a partnership agreement with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and the Project ARACHNID, both advocates of the fight against child sexual abuse, our database gets permanently updated about the resources and domains considered inappropriate for children. Hence, you can ensure your Wi-Fi users do not visit websites with child sexual abuse images or videos. You may block the two dedicated filtering categories SafeDNS provides for child sexual abuse content-related sites.

Ad blocker

To get rid of annoying distractions and further improve your Wi-Fi safety, filter out web ads, as a majority of them very often help vehiculate malware.

Safe mode for Google, Bing & YouTube

Enable ‘SafeSearch Mode’ for Google and Bing, and ‘Restricted Mode’ for YouTube from your personal Service Dashboard. With the two modes, gross and explicit content is blocked from the search results and videos deemed inappropriate for kids on YouTube.

Anti-extremism protection

Filter out terrorism-promoting content which poses a threat to young and grown-up individuals. To protect users against terror-related content, SafeDNS adds a list of sites, compiled by Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit run by the Metropolitan Police of the UK, to a filtering category named 'Hate & Discrimination'.

Wi-Fi certification with a discount

Get a 10% discount to have your public or guest Wi-Fi certified by ‘Friendly Wi-Fi’ as secure with SafeDNS, a ‘Friendly Wi-Fi’ Approved Partner. Become trusted with this popular and prestigious self-certification scheme for public Wi-Fi providers, initiated by the Government of the UK in 2014.

Cloud Filtering Service For Protecting Government-Provided Wi-Fi Networks.

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cyber threats blocked daily

Seamless implementation

The SafeDNS 100% cloud service supports any devices, IPs and third-party DNS services, and can be configured on APs, Wi-Fi routers and other Wi-Fi network equipment.

Network & individual users’ protection

Choose whether to filter both your guest and internal Wi-Fi or just one of them.

Filtering customization

Intelligent whitelisting or blacklisting, and fully customizable ‘service block pages’ will be available to you. From our white and black lists, you can assemble your own lists depending on the company policies or interests. You may also add sites to be excluded from any filtering rules. Personalize the ‘service block pages’ to let your guest Wi-Fi users know why this or that site is blocked. To tailor the page to the needs of any audience, you may create an ‘individual block page’ for each filtering policy.

Fast DNS resolving

The company’s filtering servers, located all over the world, are connected by BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) Anycast in a failover network. It is designed to process queries from millions of users 24/7, so that you can get the filtering service without interruptions. That’s why we guarantee users no latency during their DNS queries.

Time & money saver

What’s more, you save your clients’ time and money. Subsequently, you avoid significant business interruption and IT system recovery. That’s to say, you’ve got enough on your plate not to waste time to counter-attack malware and brand crisis recovery plans.

Test lab certification

Since 2015, the SafeDNS award-winning filtering service has been tested annually and certified by AV-Comparatives, a world-known test lab. After 2017, all tests done with SafeDNS solutions have managed to block not less than 98,3% of requests for adult content with no ‘false positives’ recorded.

Wi-Fi providers trust SafeDNS

  • SDT Ingeneria, South America

  • LAN1, Europe

  • Osmozis, Europe

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