Make Your Wi-Fi Routers Safer With SafeDNS Content Filtering Module

Secure your Wi-Fi routers and them ever more useful for their users

For internet users SafeDNS creates a new modern-day internet security paradigm as we have a clear vision of what the future of internet security is.

Following this vision, we provide Wi-Fi router manufacturers with a solution to significantly enhance router users' cyber security, protecting them against an exploding number of emerging threats

Integrate the best-in-kind web filtering solution seamlessly in your Wi-Fi routers

Using SafeDNS

High precision filtering

To deliver users an exceptionally accurate web filtering, the company uses its own web categorization database with 110M sites, distributed in the 61 content categories. With the database information we analyze each DNS query from SafeDNS-protected devices to define what content categories the requested site belongs to. The queries for sites from user allowed categories are successfully resolved into IP addresses of the requested sites. Otherwise, SafeDNS shows users a service block page – instead of the requested site from user blocked categories.

DNS-layer filtering

DNS filtering is the most comprehensive web filtering technique. It blocks unwanted sites altogether before users access them. DNS filtering blocks both HTTP and HTTPS sites. DNS filtering is indispensable for blocking malicious sites, as over 90% of malware uses DNS to carry out malicious campaigns.

Category-based filtering

SafeDNS users decide which categories of content to block or allow on their network. We provide 61 categories to choose from.

Secure routers for SOHO, SME & home users

With the SafeDNS filtering module, your router users get protection against botnets, malicious, phishing, cryptomining and other harmful sites.

Competitive advantage over rivals

Stand out form the pack! Deliver your users the filtering to differentiate from other vendors in the often fiercely competitive WiFi router market.

Additional recurring revenue

Every time a router user activates the filtering module on a SafeDNS paid plan, the router manufacturer gets a share of the annual fee paid by the SafeDNS user.

No CAPEX on your side

The module is totally free for the WiFi router manufacturers! All you need is to integrate it in your router firmware.

Blocking DNS queries to both HTTP & HTTPS sites

Block both encrypted/ HTTPS and unencrypted/ HTTP websites. This feature is unavailable in most routers with inbuilt sites blocking option.

Protection for all devices connected to the Wi-Fi router

Secure all devices behind the Wi-Fi router, including PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android devices, game consoles, internet of things devices – smart TV sets, lighting, locks, thermostats, etc.

Personalized web access management

Configure an individual filtering policy for every device on the Wi-Fi network – even the devices behind NAT without an added application. This is a proprietary SafeDNS feature.

Online ad blocker

Avoid inappropriate, distracting and annoying ad images and hidden malware for all devices behind the Wi-Fi router without the need for web browser ad block plugins.

Secure Wi-Fi network

Block botnet C&Cs, malicious and phishing sites so your Wi-Fi router users have a safer online environment.

Wi-Fi policy enforcement

Your Wi-Fi router users can enforce the necessary Wi-Fi policy and limit online activity on their network to relevant sites only – by choosing from the 60+ content categories which to block or allow.

Safe mode for Google, Bing & YouTube

Filter out porn and adult-only content on YouTube and in search results by enabling YouTube Restricted Mode and SafeSearch Mode for Google and Bing.

Wi-Fi usage stats for every device on the router

SafeDNS provides detailed per-device stats, including sites visited and blocked, most popular sites and content categories for all sites.

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How a Wi-Fi router vendor and its consumers benefited with SafeDNS.

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Monetization opportunities

SafeDNS adds value to manufacturers' hardware and allows you to get additional recurring revenue. Just use all the necessary channels to inform you router users about the filtering-based services – the packaging, your website, web-based router interface, etc. To learn more on how to profit from the SafeDNS solutions contact Sales.

Meeting user demand for more cyber security

Making sure devices on the network are not infected with malware and used for DDoS attacks is a hot topic among far sighted router manufacturers. They need competitive advantage over rivals. Sophisticated buyers choose routers paying close attention to the level of security the routers offer. Meeting this demand the manufacturers can attract more buyers. With the SafeDNS integration, the manufacturers will achieve this goal.

Improved functionality of your Wi-Fi routers

Use SafeDNS to allow the router users to manage access to their Wi-Fi network, ensure internet usage policy compliance, safeguard personal and corporate information.

Support for HTTP & HTTPS sites blocking

With the SafeDNS filtering module, the router manufacturers can introduce support for HTTP and HTTPS sites blocking.

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