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SafeDNS is officially named on the UK Safer Internet Centre's list of web filtering vendors. The information about the company and its high-quality filtering service for education is now published on the website of the UK Safer Internet Centre.

Among the range of its essential functions, the UK Safer Internet Centre provides advice and support to schools and educators in the UK seeking web filtering solutions to protect students and staff against harmful and inappropriate content on the internet. As part of this effort, the UK Safer Internet Centre maintains this list of filtering providers.

We have submitted the necessary information about characteristics, advanced features, and options of the SafeDNS filtering service to make this information available for teachers and school IT in the UK and beyond.

Educational institutions, looking for a reliable and efficient web filtering solution, might want to take a look at this SafeDNS document. There's a possibility you will find what you need to safeguard your students and faculty from porn, child abuse, and terrorism-related content, gambling, online games, malicious and phishing sites. 

SafeDNS is happy to work with non-profits and government organizations to ensure the internet is safer and cleaner for young and adult web surfers all over the globe. In 2015 the company became an Internet Watch Foundation Member to get the IWF list of child sexual abuse content to be included in a SafeDNS dedicated filtering category for blocking. We have been maintaining this membership ever since.

For the same purpose, we cooperate with the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, collecting URLs with child sexual abuse material, as part Project Arachnid.

To block terrorism-related content, SafeDNS adds the list of sites compiled by Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit/CTIRU (run by the Metropolitan Police, UK) to a filtering category, named 'Hate & Discrimination'. SafeDNS has a separate category called 'German Youth Protection', for blocking sites from a list compiled by Germany's Federal Department for media harmful to young persons (BPjM).

With the help of non-profits, we will continue to let internet users know how they can use SafeDNS to protect themselves, their loved ones, colleagues, guests, and students against the bad stuff online.

The SafeDNS Team

About the UK Safer Internet Centre
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