Dear friends,

We are pleased to share with you our news. SafeDNS users who'd like to significantly expand functionality of OpenWRT-based Wi-Fi routers can do it by activating on them a brand new SafeDNS content filtering module. It is created to set up the SafeDNS multi-policy filtering service on such routers. 

Whether at home, work or place of learning a SafeDNS enhanced router will help you to: 
  • get your local network under full control by introducing an efficient system for web access management 
  • improve protection against cyber threats by filtering out botnets C&Cs, phishing and malicious resources 
  • know how the internet is used on your network by monitoring the filtering service stats.

If you are familiar with changing settings on such routers, you will easily be able to deploy the SafeDNS module on a OpenWRT router. We have created an instruction which explains every step of the process. Follow the instruction and voila, now you have an additional level of security on your network and can enjoy all the exciting SafeDNS features and options. 

What is better still, for every network user you will be able to apply an individual filtering policy. As SafeDNS allows you to assign specific filtering settings for every end device behind the router, even for devices behind NAT. 

Besides, you get plenty of other opportunities. Learn who surf to which sites from your network, if there are requests from protected devices to malicious and phishing resources. For that SafeDNS provides detailed stats of internet traffic usage – sites visited and blocked, the most popular sites and the content categories these sites are classified into and much more. Stats are available per each filtering policy. 

SafeDNS can also notify you in case there are queries from your network to servers controlling botnets. 

Block most online ads to prevent them from distracting web surfers and propagating adware. To minimize the possibility young network users find porn and other gross stuff on the internet, enable Restricted Mode for YouTube and SafeSearch Mode for Google and Bing. 

The service features and options are not limited to those mentioned above. The SafeDNS functionality is actually wider than that. Once SafeDNS customers start using the service they'll find even more features to make internet surfing safer for themselves and their network users. And the SafeDNS module is a great way to enhance OpenWRT routers adding new cool features for content filtering and web security. In fact this module allows SOHO and home users to enjoy the technology previously available to enterprise only. 

Want to beta test the SafeDNS module? Check out the instruction. In case you have issues activating the module, contact our Support

Your SafeDNS Team