nstallation requirements:

Note: SafeDNS Agent works behind NAT.

Agent Installation

1. To download Agent log into your account using registration email and password.

2. Go to Dashboard > Help > Tools and click the Download Agent button in the Agent for Linux panel

3. Open the 'Downloads' folder.

4. Run the saved file and install Agent on your computer following the program prompts.

5. After the successful installation please reboot your computer and you will see the agent in the tray menu. Open it.

Getting Started with Agent

1. After the first launch, you need to enter your login (registration email) and password, and create a PIN-code.


2. If you forgot your password click the Forgot my password link and recover it with the password recovery service.

3. After successful login, the Home page of the program will be shown. This page contains the web version of the SafeDNS Dashboard.

4. To make sure the agent installed correctly go to the 'Settings' tab and scroll down to the bottom. If you see the record with the agent version and your public IP address, it means that the filter is working.

5. Go to the 'Categories' tab to choose the categories you want to block, then click 'Save changes'.

Under this tab, you can see a full list of content categories of your current filtering profile. You can block or allow any of them. Opened locks indicate allowed categories, while locked ones indicate blocked categories. You can also block or allow an entire group of categories by clicking on the group name.

6. The new filtering policy applies in 5-7 minutes after its changing. If your new filtering policy does not work, restart your browser to clear its cache. After that, you can try to reach any website from your blocked categories and the domain should be blocked.

If you see the blockpage, that means the agent is configured and ready to use. A blocked website will display an error message that the website can’t be reached.