Getting started

Root certificate or SSL certificate is the main part of the website security. SSL certificate is required for correct operation of sites with a secure (HTTPS) connection. If you have issues with displaying the SafeDNS block page (your internet browser shows a message "Unable to access the site"), you need to download a SafeDNS certificate and configure it to use in your browser.

Dowload SafeDNS certificate

(if the browser starts installing the certificate when you click on this button, cancel it, right click on the button and choose 'Save as...')

To install SafeDNS certificate read the following instructions:

1. SafeDNS certificate installation on Windows  (Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera, Google Chrome browsers).

2. SafeDNS certificate installation on Mozilla Firefox for any platforms.

3. SafeDNS sertificate installation on Mac OSX.

4. SafeDNS sertificate installation on iOS (iPhone, iPad)

To check how the block page shows on HTTPS read this instruction:

5.  SafeDNS block page check up.

1. SafeDNS root certificate installation for Windows (for Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera, Google Chrome browsers)

To install the certificate in Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera, Google Chrome you need to go through the system settings.

Attention! Mozilla Firefox browser does not use the system settings. To install the certificate use this instruction.

Step 1. Click Start, and start typing the phrase 'Control Panel'.

When the Control Panel icon appears, click on it.

Step 2. In Control Panel search, type Internet Options and click on the icon that appears.

Step 3. In Internet Properties chose Content tab and click Certificates.

Step 4.  In Certificates open Trusted Root Certification Authorities tab, and then click Import.

Step 5. Click Next in Certificate Import Wizard.

Step 6. Click Browse and select a downloaded SafeDNS certificate file. 

Step 7.  Make sure that the certificate is placed in the store Trusted Root Certification Authorities.

Step 8. Confirm the previously performed action by clicking on Finish.

Step 9. In Security Warning you need to answer positive by clicking Yes.

Step 10. Close Certificate Import Wizard by clicking OK.

2. Installation SafeDNS certificate in Mozilla Firefox for all platforms

Mozilla Firefox browser does not use the system settings, so proceed with the installation of the certificate in the following way.

Step 1.  Click on the Settings icon in the top right corner of your browser and select Options.

Step 2. In the left menu, choose Privacy & Security, scroll to the bottom of the page and click View Certificates.

Step 3. In Certificate Manager, select Authorities, and then click Import.

Step 4. Select downloading a SafeDNS certificate, tick the box Trust this CA to identify websites, and then click OK.

3. Installation of SafeDNS certificate in Mac OSX

Step 1. Press the hotkey CTRL + SPACE and type 'Keychain' in Spotlight search. Open the Keychain Access application.

Step 2. In Keychain Access application, select Login - System.

Step 3. Drag and drop the pre-loaded SafeDNS certificate in the right side of the Keychain Access application where the rest of certificates are stored.

Step 4. Right-click the SafeDNS certificate and select Properties certificate. In the window that opens choose when to use this certificate, select 'Always trust'. Close the window.

Step 5. The application Keychain Access, make sure that the SafeDNS certificate is marked as trusted for this account.

4. SafeDNS sertificate installation on iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Step 1. Click the link Download SafeDNS certificate

Step 2. Allow the website to open Settings

Step 3. Click Install profile

Step 4. For system warning click Install

Step 5. Confirm clicking Install

Step 6. When the certificate is verified, click Done

5. Check the results of the certificate installation

Now you can check the blocking of HTTPS sites. When you are trying to go to a blocked site you will see the SafeDNS blockpage. If the blockpage is not shown, or there's a browser warning about an invalid certificate - repeat the steps to install the certificate.

If after re-setting there remain outstanding issues or concerns, please contact our technical support team.