In this guide we will tell you how to migrate from OpenDNS to SafeDNS keeping your filtering settings. The guide includes an example of a router setup, policy settings migration and categories migration. 

Download this guide [PDF]


Change the DNS servers in your router to and


You should associate your external IP address in SafeDNS Dashboard, the Nets section.

These settings are similar to what you did in the OpenDNS dashboard in the Identities section.



Policy Settings

If you had more than one filtering policy in your OpenDNS Policy List, create additional filtering profiles in SafeDNS Dashboard, the Settings tab, Profiles section.

All the settings, such as external IP associating, web filtering, white and black lists, block page are available for each filtering profile.

Transfer your OpenDNS policy settings from the Policy List, Security Settings section.

The Malware, Phishing Attacks, Potentially Harmful Domains options from the OpenDNS dashboard are identical to SafeDNS Botnets, Phishing, and Virus Propagation categories. Tick these categories in SafeDNS Dashboard, the Web Filtering tab.

Filtering categories

Transfer settings from the Policy section, Category Settings from OpenDNS to the SafeDNS Web Filtering tab.



Here is a transfer list of OpenDNS content filtering categories to SafeDNS:

OpenDNS category SafeDNS primary category SafeDNS additional category
Academic Fraud Academic Fraud
Adult Themes Adult Sites
Adware Online Ads
Alcohol Alcohol & Tobacco
Anime/Manga/Webcomic Adult Sites
Auctions Trackers & Analytics
Automotive Automotive
Blogs Blogs
Business Services Business Corporate Sites
Chat Chats & Messengers
Classifieds Classifieds
Dating Dating
Drugs Drugs
Ecommerce/Shopping E-commerce Shopping
Educational Institutions Education
File Storage File Storage
Financial Institutions Finances
Forums/Message boards Forums
Gambling Gambling
Games Games
German Youth Protection Hate & Discrimination
Government Government
Hate/Discrimination Hate & Discrimination
Health and Fitness Health & Fitness
Humor Humor
Instant Messaging Chats and messengers
Jobs/Employment Jobs & Career
Lingerie/Bikini Adult Sites
Movies Movies & Video
Music Music & Radio
News/Media News & Media
Non-Profits Non-Profit
Nudity Adult Sites
P2P/File sharing Torrents & P2P
Parked Domains Parked Domains
Photo Sharing Photo Sharing
Podcasts Music & Radio
Politics Politics, Society and Law
Pornography Pornography & Sexuality
Portals Portals
Proxy/Anonymizer Proxies & Anonymizers
Radio Music & Radio
Religious Religious
Research/Reference Science & Technology
Search Engines Search Engines
Sexuality Pornography & Sexuality
Social Networking Social Networks
Software/Technology Computers & Internet Science & Technology
Sports Sports
Tasteless Tasteless
Television Movies & Video
Tobacco Alcohol and Tobacco
Travel Travel
Video Sharing Movies & Video File Storage
Visual Search Engines Search Engines
Weapons Weapons
Web Spam Botnets Phishing 
Webmail Webmail

Additional settings

Set up other Additional settings in the Web filtering tab.

Black and white lists

Transfer your OpenDNS Destination Lists to SafeDNS. Allow list is identical to SafeDNS White list, Block list is identical to SafeDNS Black list.



Special software

For Windows-based PCs, uninstall Roaming Client or Umbrella for Windows software. Open SafeDNS Dashboard in your browser. On the main Settings page click the Download SafeDNS Agent link and install the SafeDNS agent. You can find instructions on how to set up and configure SafeDNS Agent on the SafeDNS website. For Mac and iOS devices, set up our OpenVPN solution. Take a look at SafeDNS Agent Guide 

If you need help with the migration, feel free to contact SafeDNS Support at for any technical queries.


Download this guide [PDF]