Let your visitors and patrons know your public Wi-Fi is safe and family-friendly


Show your customers that you really care about their and their kids’ cyber safety


Get your public Wi-Fi network certified by our partner, Friendly WiFi, with 10% discount


Friendly WiFi is a government-initiated safety certification standard for public Wi-Fi. Established by the UK Government in 2014 to ensure public Wi-Fi meets minimum filtering standards to provide a safe internet.


Why join this initiative and get a Friendly WiFi certification

Let your visitors and patrons know that your Wi-Fi is family-friendly and safe for children, get a Friendly WiFi certification now. To achieve that, public Wi-Fi owners should have on their networks a content filtering system provided by Friendly WiFi Approved Provider or Friendly WiFi Partner. 


SafeDNS has held a Friendly WiFi Approved Provider status since April 2016. This May SafeDNS’s become Friendly WiFi Partner. This new level of partnership with Friendly WiFi provides a tangible advantage for SafeDNS customers – 10% reduction on the annual fee to have their public Wi-Fi certified by Friendly WiFi.

What else Friendly WiFi certified venues get 


Eligibility to use and display

the Friendly WiFi symbols at their venues, plus use of electronic symbols on their WiFi landing pages, websites and marketing materials

Their venues are added

to the Friendly WiFi search locator at Friendlywifi.com

Their logo is added

to Friendlywifi.com

Certified venues are included in PR

continuous promotion and communications via Friendly WiFi social and network channels throughout the licensed period

How to get Friendly WiFi certification with SafeDNS

SafeDNS customers can contact SafeDNS Sales then we, together with Friendly WiFi, can do the rest. Namely, a SafeDNS team member will get in touch with you to clarify all details (like number of venues / access points, the name of your internet service provider, etc.). After that, we will request Friendly WiFi for a price quote of their certification for you.

Upon receiving the information and price quote request from SafeDNS, Friendly WiFi will provide a quotation for the certification. Once the customers have paid the certification fee, they will receive all the things mentioned above. 

If you have no filtering on your public Wi-Fi network right now, SafeDNS is here to help you. Fill in the online form below and we will tell you all about:

  • how the SafeDNS filtering service in the cloud protects your guest Wi-Fi against cyber threats and unwanted online content 
  • benefits this solution can bring you.

By deploying the SafeDNS content filtering service on your networks you clearly show that you take efficient steps to make the internet you provide cleaner and safer. 


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Get the Friendly WiFi certification right now!

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