This instruction covers how to set up SafeDNS filtering on any Android tablet or smartphone with Wi-Fi internet connection.

Enter “Settings” of your device and select “Wi-Fi”.

Long press your current Wi-Fi connection until a new window is shown. Select “Modify network”.

In the window with current connection settings check the box “Show advanced options”.

In DNS1 insert address and in DNS2 insert address Then press “Save”.

To finish setting enter Dashboard on our site and attach your external IP address in “Networks” to your Default profile.

Your current external IP is shown in the left column on the same page.

You can copy and paste it into the input box and choose a profile for this address. Press “Add” to attach it.

When IP address is attached it can be unattached at any time by pressing cross at the right

After you attached your IP address you can tune your filtering rules on the page “Web Filtering”.

If your Wi-Fi connection uses dynamic external IP, then you need to use the paid plan and attach your Dynamic DNS hostname instead of a static IP.