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Protect your children and the entire family against web-based threats

Ever more children start using the internet at a tender age

All younger kids use internet-connected devices and stay glued to the screens forever. For responsible parents and educators it is unthinkable to leave the children one on one with an unfiltered internet. No sane adult wants the kids to see any of the explicit, gross, inappropriate content the internet is full of.

A high quality web filtering and parental control solution provides a peace of mind to family people and educators as to what websites the children access.

The number of web-based threats grows rapidly

Malware, phishing, cryptomining, and ransomware spread on the internet like a wild fire through a dry forest. Even tech-savvy users can’t recognize these online threats right away. SafeDNS delivers you a proactive cloud protection. Our filtering service blocks malicious, phishing and other harmful sites from loading into the user’s internet browser.

That’s how SafeDNS protects you, and your loved ones, students and staff of educational institutions against cyber criminals, who try to steal personal information, infect your devices with malware and turn them into obedient "zombie-machines" to increase botnets.

I have probably tried all DNS filters and this is the best. I signed up for the trial and now its free. I can't believe it. What would I gain by getting the paid product? The safe search is awesome! I blocked search engines and put Google and Bing in the allow list and that really narrows things down. THANKS.

Maikol Gaggioli
46 years

DNS-layer filtering

DNS filtering is the most comprehensive web filtering technique. It blocks unwanted sites altogether before users access them. DNS filtering blocks both HTTP and HTTPS sites. DNS filtering is indispensable for blocking malicious sites, as over 90% of malware uses DNS to carry out malicious campaigns.

Category-based filtering

SafeDNS users decide which categories of content to block or allow on their network. We provide 61 content categories to choose from. Use them to filter out everything you do not want your dear and near ones to reach on the internet.

High precision filtering

To deliver users an accurate web filtering, the company uses its own web categorization database with 109M sites, distributed in several dozen content categories. With the database information we analyze each DNS query from SafeDNS-protected devices and networks to define what content categories the requested site belongs to. The queries for sites from user allowed categories are successfully resolved into IP addresses of the requested sites. Otherwise, SafeDNS shows users a service block page – instead of the requested site from user blocked categories.

Filtering quality monitoring

The quality of filtering is always monitored and improved on a daily basis. We constantly add new sources for websites propagating different kinds of malware to improve our ability to block it. The top-notch quality of the SafeDNS filtering is proved by third-party testers in Australia. In their review, SafeDNS is cited among the best threat-blocking DNS providers and is especially good at blocking malicious sites. SafeDNS has done a much better job of filtering the internet than most of its competitors.

  • Content categories to block or allow

  • Lists of exceptions from your filtering rules

  • Filtering schedule

  • Safe mode for Google, Bing & YouTube

  • ‘Popular categories’, one of the multiple types of internet usage stats

  • Agent software for PCs


Protection against pornography & abuse content

To improve user protection against this most heinous stuff, block the ‘Pornography & Sexuality’ category and the 2 filtering categories, dedicated to sites with child sexual abuse images and videos. Make sure your network users access no such content.

Filtering service customization

Intelligent allow- or deny lists, time limits on internet usage, an ad blocker and a customizable service block page per each filtering policy will all be available to you.

Approved Parental Control Product

SafeDNS provides you with a well tested and award-winning web filtering solution. Since 2015 SafeDNS has annually been tested and certified by AV-Comparatives, a world-known test lab, and got Approved Parental Control Product award. In the 2020 tests, SafeDNS blocked near-perfect 98,5% of requests for adult content. For all the 5 years of tests SafeDNS has had no false positives.

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