Cloud-based Web Filtering For Wi-Fi Router Manufacturers

Secure your Wi-Fi routers and them ever more useful for their users

SafeDNS offers the possibility to manufacturers that produce routers that may be marketed by another manufacturer to integrate the content filtering module into their solutions.

Features You Get By Using SafeDNS

Safe Browsing API

Implement protection on any internet browser. Secure internet connections to any other application by applying appropriate policies for developers of third-party apps.

Safe mobile

SafeDNS is the perfect solution for smartphone manufacturers who want to make their devices safe for children.

Seamless integration

We offer seamless integration of internet filtering on any mobile device or mobile operating system.

White labeling

We make it easy for manufacturers to keep the SafeDNS brand or white label it to their own brands.

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  • Dovado PRO AC & WiFi XL Mesh Kit

  • Fältcom router for transportation


We've introduced a really nice and simple parental control and internet security solution we know parents are going to love!


How a Wi-Fi router vendor and its consumers benefited with SafeDNS.

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SafeDNS in numbers

sites in the database

of content, categorized by subject

cyber threats blocked daily

Benefits You Get By Using SafeDNS

SafeDNS Web Categorization Database

AI and ML-powered database with 61 categories to choose from for your customers.

Flexible deployment and scalability

Regardless of your location and number of users, SafeDNS solutions are always streamlined with your needs and operations.

Unique Selling Proposition

Get a significant competitive edge over your rivalry and position yourself uniquely in your clients’ minds

No CapEx

The SafeDNS module is completely free for Wi-Fi router manufacturers. Simply integrate it into your router firmware.

Secure routers for SOHO, SME & Home users

With the SafeDNS filtering module, the users of your router get protected against botnets, malware, phishing, and other threats hidden behind harmful sites.

Additional revenue

Every time a router user activates the filtering module on a SafeDNS paid plan, the router manufacturer gets a share of the annual fee paid by the SafeDNS user.

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New clients – 15 days of free service

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