How a WiFi router vendor and its consumers benefited with SafeDNS. Use Case

With years of experience in the internet security market, SafeDNS has seen that scores of WiFi equipment manufacturers are stuck in an cyber security paradigm of 30 years ago. We know what a dangerous place the internet has become and we have a clear vision of a new security paradigm.

According to it, means to control and manage access to WiFi networks, protect against malicious and phishing sites, ensure internet usage policy compliance, safeguard your personal and corporate information, make sure devices are not used for DDoS attacks, give alerts when security of user devices is compromised, and block botnets are a must to keep WiFi router users safe online. 

With this new paradigm in mind, SafeDNS has created a solution to be easily integrated into WiFi router firmwares to provide all of the opportunities, mentioned above. A far sighted WiFi router vendor already uses this SafeDNS solution to the fullest - check the use case out! 

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Read the case to get a better idea:

  • What WiFi router manufacturers need SafeDNS for

  • Why they choose SafeDNS at all

  • What value SafeDNS can bring the WiFi router manufacturers and its consumers