Making smartphones safe for children

Kids today spend a lot of time on their smartphones and other mobile devices. But the internet isn’t a safe place. Unfiltered, it can expose minors and youth to a world of unsavory and unsafe content. Inappropriate websites pose significant risks and safety challenges for parents and children.

Smartphones, however, help families stay in touch, and many parents want their children to have one — especially in emergencies. At the same time, parents need to monitor usage, prevent online purchases and restrict access to inappropriate sites.

Below is some stats on measures parents take to keep an eye on and safeguard their children using mobile devices.

Key Stats


Of parents monitor kid’s
internet use


Install parental controls
on mobile devices


Monitor children’s internet use
by age 10

Build one safer than the competition’s

Keeping kids safe on their smartphones requires software and settings most parents can’t manage. Some devices make installation, setup and monitoring even more difficult.

SafeDNS offers smartphone manufacturers an easily accessible, high-quality and innovative solution for making their mobile devices safe for everyone - especially kids. 

Integrate SafeDNS into your mobile devices by redirecting DNS queries of your mobile device users to SafeDNS filtering servers so that only safe, relevant and child-appropriate content is available to these users. 

What mobile device manufacturers get with SafeDNS 


SafeDNS is the perfect solution for smartphone manufacturers who want to make their devices safe for children


We offer seamless integration of internet filtering on any mobile device or mobile operating system

We make it easy for manufacturers to keep the SafeDNS brand or white-label it to their own brands

Ways to integrate SafeDNS in smartphone OS

To protect mobile device users and implement filtering policies for managing and monitoring internet access, SafeDNS offers the following technological options. Choose the most appropriate of them. 


This option allows you to implement protection at the level of any internet browser. In addition, the option allows you to integrate protection of internet connections into any other application - on condition that the OS owner defines an appropriate policy for developers of third-party apps to support such protection. 

Currently, this mechanism is not implemented yet. However, it can be launched in the cloud of a mobile operator in a short period of time. Or a code for this subsystem can be implemented directly by the OS developers


This option allows you to integrate internet protection and control into a standard Android OS browser, included in the standard package.

The main limitation of this option is there is an additional application management subsystem necessary to exclude a possibility of installing other internet browsers


This option allows you to protect all internet applications in your mobile device.

However, using this option leads to the loss of an ability to filter at the URL level 

Together with the OS developers, SafeDNS is ready to develop hybrid variants that maximize the number of advantages of the proposed solutions by combining several integration options.

Exciting opportunities SafeDNS provides


Choose which level of filtering you want. With SafeDNS you get a granular web filtering suited exactly to your users' needs. Contact us to learn about multiple additional features and options SafeDNS provides to make its filter as useful for you as possible


Configure and adjust filter rules and track online activities remotely. Manage the SafeDNS filter 24/7, as you see fit, from anywhere on the internet. Make any changes when necessary and tailor SafeDNS to your purposes


Offer users online advertising blocking for browsers and applications. Block most of internet advertising in all forms, including context ads, video and audio ads, banners and pop-ups both in the browser and in mobile applications without slowing down page loading. Block online trackers as well to protect personal data

Quality certification


The top quality of SafeDNS is acknowledged for 4 consecutive years by AV-Comparatives, a world-known test lab. 

According to the 2018 test results, SafeDNS blocks near-perfect 98.3% requests to adult content. 

SafeDNS has had no false positives during all of the 4 years of testing.

We welcome smartphone manufacturers to fill out the form below to learn how they can benefit with SafeDNS. 

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