Safe Wi-Fi at Large Public Venues

Wi-Fi content filtering and security at Large Public Venues to Protect your BYOD attendees against cyber threats and unwanted content.


Security for corporate & privately-held events

Any kind of business and private events with a Wi-Fi network can be protected.

Protection for concerts, arenas & theater performa

Shows attracting any kind of audiences

Safeguard for Industry events

Events for industry professionals

Benefits you get

Fast & easy deployment with no CapEx

Start Wi-Fi filtering in minutes. No CapEx and additional hardware or software. Simply redirect DNS queries to the Wi-Fi network users to SafeDNS filtering servers.

Regulation compliance

Block any illegal content so that your Wi-Fi complies with the regulation, concerning filtering out pornography, adult, and child abuse sites.

Malware & phishing-free Wi-Fi

The SafeDNS-protected Wi-Fi prevents its users from accessing malicious and phishing sites which can severely damage users’ devices, steal personal and corporate info.


No limit on the number of users and on scaling the filtering. When launching new Wi-Fi hotspots, you will be able to add them to the filtering by purchasing more SafeDNS licenses.

Centralized filtering management

Manage your filtering settings and access filtering service stats for any and all of your APs and locations from the centralized Service Dashboard. Use our Dashboard to create filtering policies, manage, and tweak the filtering as you see fit.

Wi-Fi Friendly certification

Get a discount to have your public Wi-Fi certified as secure from web threats and safe for kids by Friendly WiFi. As Friendly Wi-Fi Approved Partner, SafeDNS provides its customer with a 10% discount for this popular self-certification scheme for public Wi-Fi providers, initiated by the UK government in 2014.

Prestigious Wi-Fi certification with a discount

By now over 5.000 venues are Wi-Fi certified as safe and family-friendly. Learn what you get with the Friendly WiFi certification.

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