Do you own a WiFi network or provide WiFi access services to your customers? Protect your users and customers from internet threats and unwanted websites! With SafeDNS it is simple and fast.

Deploy SafeDNS filtering to every WiFi hotspot on your network no matter if you have one or thousands of hotspots. Protect your network from internet dangers. Provide a safe and family-friendly internet connection for your customers. Prevent attacks from any infected clients' devices. 

Our Capabilities

SafeDNS Filtering is Easy to Deploy Across Multiple WiFi Hotspots

The service can be deployed in a couple of hours across the entire WiFi network no matter how many access points you have, hundreds or thousands

SafeDNS Cloud Service for Web Filtering Can Protect Any Amount of WiFi Hotspots

There is no limit on the number of access points and their location. Our geographically distributed cloud servers are designed to process queries from millions of users

SafeDNS Ensures Fast Internet Surfing

Our filtering system makes the web pages faster to download by removing context and banner ads. Unwanted images and scripts are blocked even before they are loaded to your network improving the overall loading of pages

SafeDNS Filtering Requires No Additional Hardware

You don't need to purchase and use any additional hardware or software to use SafeDNS content filtering. SafeDNS is compatible with practically all of WiFi routers used nowadays. You can deploy our system on your routers by yourself or with the help of our support team

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Features of SafeDNS Filtering

Category-Based Filtering

The SafeDNS database has more than 105 million of web sites divided into 60 categories such as pornography, gambling, news, entertainment, sports, social networks, etc. You decide which categories you want to block for your users. The high quality of our categorization will save you from overblocking occurring in other filtering systems and will improve the internet experience for your customers.

White List/Black List

White list allows you to make particular sites always accessible even if the category they belong to is blocked. Black list operates in an opposite way by making websites inaccessible. 

Online Dashboard

The SafeDNS filtering solution provides you with a self-care dashboard. You can customize categories to block, set rules for internet access and tune them. The SafeDNS dashboard is specially optimized for easy and fast management of thousands of access points on a WiFi network. Individual access to the dashboard can be created for every system administrator of your WiFi network, so you will never lose access to the management of the filtering. 

Detailed Statistics

We provide detailed reports for our users. Reports show what websites your users and customers have visited. It helps you to understand what your users are most interested in. You can even use this information in generating your own statistics.

Unblocking Service

The service provides you an unblocking system. If users find a website inappropriately categorized they can make a request about it. SafeDNS team will look through the content of the website and consider recategorization. The process usually doesn't take more than a quarter of an hour.

Reliable Service

The network of our filtering servers is designed to serve millions of users in 24×7 mode. You can be sure our service is reliable. Our cloud servers are connected by BGP Anycast protocol in a failover network and are located across the USA and Europe, so that you will get our service at the highest speed without interruptions.

Protection Against Cyber Threats

SafeDNS blocks attempts to reach malicious and phishing resources. With the company's own botnet and malware detection module, SafeDNS categorizes malware infected and propagating sites into security-related filtering categories. Have them blocked in Service Dashboard to significantly drive your internet safety level.

A proof of the top-notch filtering quality is a review by third-party testers in Australia. In the review, SafeDNS is cited among the best threat-blocking DNS providers and is especially good at blocking malicious resources, doing a much better job of filtering the internet than most of its competitors.

Enhanced Filtering of Adult and Child Sexual Abuse Images

SafeDNS is a Member of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), a leading organization for reporting and removing online child sexual abuse images and videos. Together we’re making the internet a safer place. Read more or report a website here: Do the right thing.

We include into a separate category for blocking a list of resources containing child sexual abuse material, compiled by Canadian Centre for Child Protection(C3P) as part of its project Arachnid.

SafeDNS is also Friendly WiFi Approved Partner which means the company closely cooperates with Friendly WiFi, a popular self-certification scheme for public Wi-Fi providers

With SafeDNS public WiFi owners and providers can get Friendly WiFi certification with a nice discount. Visit the dedicated site page to learn how you benefit by getting your Wi-Fi certified.

Being IWF Member, SafeDNS includes in its web filtering systems and blocks URLs of indecent images of children and abuse domains from Child Abuse Images and content list (CAIC) compiled by IWF.

SafeDNS supports efforts of C3P to rid the internet of child sexual abuse content. We filter out URLs with such material from a list compiled by C3P as part of its project Arachnid.

The SafeDNS web content filtering service is recommended by Friendly WiFi to public Wi-Fi owners and providers seeking a solution to ensure safe and family-friendly web connection for their users.

Benefits You Get

  • You Increase the Social Responsibility of Your Brand: People will be happy that you care about their safety.
  • You Get More Customers: Families with children will choose your safe WiFi hotspots more often.
  • You Get Protection for Your Networks: The filtering system prevents possible attacks from infected clients' devices.
  • Your Staff and Customers Get Faster Loading Web Pages: The internet connection becomes faster because SafeDNS filtering service removes most of the banner and context ads.
  • You Can Easily Deploy SafeDNS Content Filtering on the WiFi network with thousands of access points.

Case Study

Cloud Content Filtering Service Providing Regulation Compliance
for Large Public WiFi Project in Colombia

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