Do you want to get higher revenue and increase social responsibility with SafeDNS Parental Control Platform for Telecoms and ISPs?

SafeDNS Parental Control Platform is a special software platform for Telecoms and Internet Service Providers whether you deliver a broadband network, DSL, cable or mobile internet access. Our platform allows your end-user - parents to manage children's internet activity and take actions by blocking access to sites with unwanted content.

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As harmful and illegal content is spreading rapidly over the internet SafeDNS Parental Control Platform is becoming the first need for every telecom operator and ISP. Parents require special tools to control their children's internet usage on smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices, while keeping internet access open. Now you can easily offer the appropriate tool with our Parental Control Platform. 

Capabilities of SafeDNS Parental Control Platform

Category-based filtering: The SafeDNS database has more than 105 million of web sites divided into 55+ categories such as pornography, gambling, news, entertainment, sports, social networks, etc. Parents can decide which categories they want to block for their children. Children don't have access to the dashboard and therefore are not able to change the settings.

Multi-policy controls: The SafeDNS Parental Control Platform supports more than one policy. This means that parents can set different filtering profiles for every computer and mobile device at home.

Scheduled filtering: The SafeDNS Parental Control Platform allows to set definite time of filtered and free access for different users with scheduler.

White list/black list mode: White list allow users to make particular sites always accessible even if the category they belong to is blocked. Black lists operate in an opposite way by making websites never accessible. Individuals can configure their own filtering lists. 

Online dashboard: The SafeDNS Parental Platform provides users with a self-care dashboard. So end-users can customize categories, set rules of internet access and tune them.

For 4 consecutive years the well tested SafeDNS service has been acknowledged Approved Parental Control Product by AV-Comparatives, a world-known test lab.
"In the 2018 tests SafeDNS blocked near-perfect 98,3% of adult content.
For all the 4 years of testing SafeDNS has had no false positives."
- AV-Comparatives

Benefits you get

Being IWF Member, SafeDNS includes in its web filtering systems and blocks URLs of indecent images of children and abuse domains from Child Abuse Images and content list (CAIC) compiled by IWF. 

SafeDNS supports efforts of C3P to rid the internet of child sexual abuse content. We filter out URLs with such material from a list compiled by C3P as part of its project Arachnid.

The SafeDNS web content filtering service is recommended by Friendly WiFi to public Wi-Fi owners and providers seeking a solution to ensure safe and family-friendly web connection for their users. 

Case Studies

Cloud-based parental control & web access management for a Middle Eastern telecom operator

Cloud service for web access management for the largest Mexican B2B ISP

Parental control solution for a CDMA mobile operator

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SafeDNS Parental Control Platform gives Telecoms and Internet Service Providers the most beneficial solution in price-quality ratio. The platform is easy to deploy. We offer full support from our experienced engineering team to help make the process of platform deployment and integration with the ISP systems straightforward. Depending on the type of deployment the process takes from one hour to two business days. As a result you will get additional revenue and new clients. Providing a new service for your customers you will get a new competitive advantage. All this positively influences the development of your company.

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