Safe Internet for Libraries

Protect library goers and your staff against cyber threats and inappropriate content on the internet

Safe Internet is #1 priority for any library, whether a state or private one, or a campus study room.

Wondering how to control access and protect your network in your library?

Use SafeDNS - an award-winning content filtering service that takes a few minutes to install and works 24/7.

Control internet access and filter inappropriate content in your library

Using SafeDNS

SafeDNS provides libraries with a reliable filtering service, compliant with the government policies

Safe internet access for your library visitors in a few clicks

High precision filtering

SafeDNS uses 110M websites distributed in 61 content categories, providing an exceptionally accurate results.

DNS web filtering

SafeDNS detects both HTTP and HTTPS malicious websites and blocks them even before you receive the first byte.

Category-based filtering

Decide what type of content to block or allow on your network. SafeDNS provides 61 categories to choose from.

What libraries get with SafeDNS

Safe web content

With the SafeDNS web filtering service on, there is no more place for pornography, adult content, or online time wasters. Prevent library staff and visitors from accessing malicious, phishing and cryptomining sites.

Malware & phishing-free network

Protect your visitors against harmful sites by filtering out all security-related categories in the SafeDNS Service Management Panel.

Multi-policy filtering

You can set different filtering settings for your visitors of all ages and staff members at any level. Create as many filtering policies as you need for advanced web access management.

Internet usage stats

Review detailed filtering stats in real-time to check the online activity of your visitors & staff. If needed, adjust the filter on the go and apply changes in real-time.

Centralized filtering management

Manage your settings from the centralized Dashboard. Use Dashboard to create different filtering policies, manage, and fine-tune the filtering as you see fit. Perfect solution for libraries with multiple buildings.

Easy deployment

There is no need for any additional hardware - just use our set-up agent to redirect your DNS queries to the SafeDNS filtering servers. Start content filtering within minutes!

Protect your library now

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Advanced content filtering solution

Regulation compliance

SafeDNS is a perfect solution for educational institutions like K-12 schools that wish to comply with Children's Internet Protection Act and seek e-rate discounts.

Anti-extremism protection

To protect users against materials promoting terrorism, SafeDNS refers to a list compiled by Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit of the UK's Metropolitan Police Service and adds it to a filtering category called Hate & Discrimination.

Enhanced filtering for minors

SafeDNS created 2 categories dedicated to blocking any content related to child sexual abuse. To achieve explicit results, the categories are synched with the IWF Child Sexual Abuse Content List and Project Arachnid crawler from the world's leading global organizations dedicated to child protection.

Fast DNS resolving

The company’s filtering servers, located all over the world, are connected by BGP Anycast protocol in a failover network. It is designed to process queries from millions of users in a 24/7 mode, so that you can get the filtering service without interruptions. That’s why we guarantee users no latency in resolving their DNS queries.

Libraries that trust SafeDNS

  • Cleveland Bradley County Public Library

  • Sno-Isle Libraries

  • Kenosha Public Library

  • Long Beach Public Library

More reasons to choose SafeDNS

Ad blocker

Filter out annoying web-ads with the built-in ad blocker. Improve your visitors' online experience by reducing distraction.

Filtering customization

Intelligent allow- and denylists service, ad blocker and fully customizable block-pages - all available to you with SafeDNS.

Safe mode for Google, Bing & YouTube

Enable SafeSearch Mode for web browsers to restrict gross and explicit content from the search engine results. Set up restricted mode for YouTube to filter out all videos marked as inappropriate by fellow YouTubers.

Award-winning service

Since 2015 SafeDNS content filtering service is certified by the AV-Comparatives, a high-profile test lab. During annual tests, SafeDNS received an Approved Parental Control Product award for 4 years in a raw.

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New clients – 15 days of free service

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