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Using SafeDNS

High precision filtering

To deliver users an exceptionally accurate web filtering, the company uses its own web categorization database with 109M sites, distributed in the 61 content categories. With the database information we analyze each DNS query from SafeDNS-protected devices to define what content categories the requested site belongs to. The queries for sites from user allowed categories are successfully resolved into IP addresses of the requested sites. Otherwise, SafeDNS shows users a service block page – instead of the requested site from user blocked categories

DNS-layer filtering

DNS filtering is the most comprehensive web filtering technique. It blocks unwanted sites altogether before users access them. DNS filtering blocks both HTTP and HTTPS sites. DNS filtering is indispensable for blocking malicious sites, as over 90% of malware uses DNS to carry out malicious campaigns.

Category-based filtering

SafeDNS users decide which categories of content to block or allow on their network. We provide 61 SafeDNS categories to choose from.

Reliably child-friendly internet

With the SafeDNS web filtering service on, you and students’ parents have no worries as to what content the children access on the internet. On your network there’s no more place for pornography and adult content, online time wasters as well as other sites incompatible with educational goals.

Malware & phishing-free network

Use SafeDNS to prevent your students and staff from accessing malicious, phishing and cryptomining sites which can infect your entire network with malware, severely damage user devices, and steal valuable info. For protection against harmful sites, filter out all security-related categories of content in the SafeDNS service management panel.

Multi-policy filtering

You can filter the internet differently for preschoolers, pupils, students of all ages, and staff members at any level. For a multi-layer web access management, create as many filtering policies within your educational institution as you need. On all the policies block the content you do not want your network users to see.

Fast & easy deployment

Start filtering the internet on your network in minutes. There’s no need for any additional hardware to buy and software to install. Just redirect DNS queries of your network users to SafeDNS filtering servers to be resolved according to your own filtering rules.

Centralized filtering management

Manage your filtering settings and access SafeDNS service stats for any and all of your locations from the centralized Service Dashboard. This will come in handy for school districts and educational institutions with multiple campuses. Use Dashboard to create filtering policies, manage and fine tune the filtering as you see fit.

Internet usage stats

Check the detailed filtering stats and reports to keep an eye on the online activity on your network. If the stats shows there are any breaches of the internet use policy, you can immediately tweak the filtering settings for any of your filtering policies.

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Regulation compliance

Block illegal web content so that your network complies with the regulation, concerning filtering out pornography, sexual abuse and other illegal content. This is extremely important for US's K-12 schools which should comply with CIPA to get E-rate funding. Educators in Germany can block illegal sites from a list, maintained by Federal Department for media harmful to young persons (BpjM).

Anti-extremism protection

Filter out terrorism-promoting content which poses threat to young and adult minds alike. To protect users against terror-related content, SafeDNS adds a list of sites, compiled by Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit run by the Metropolitan Police, UK to a filtering category, named 'Hate & Discrimination'.

Protection against child abuse content

Make sure your network users access no child sexual abuse images and videos – block the 2 dedicated filtering categories SafeDNS provides. Both these categories contain the similar illegal content from the IWF Child Abuse Image Content List, which SafeDNS receives as IWF Member, and from a list compiled by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, as part of its Project Arachnid.

Filtering customization

Intelligent white- or blacklisting and fully customizable service block pages will all be available to you. In the white and black lists you can add sites to be excluded from any filtering rules. Personalize the service block page to let your students and staff know why this or that site is blocked. To tailor the pages to any audience’s needs, create an individual block page per each filtering policy.

Safe mode for Google, Bing & YouTube

Enable SafeSearch Mode for Google and Bing and Restricted Mode for YouTube out of your personal Service Dashboard. In these modes gross and explicit content is blocked from the search results and videos, marked as inappropriate for kids by YouTubers, are filtered out.

Ad blocking

Get rid of distraction and further improve your clients’ online safety, filter out web advertisements. Firstly, internet ads are a nuisance and they pose additional threat as bad actors use the ads for malware propagation.

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cyber threats blocked daily

Easy implementation

The SafeDNS 100% cloud service supports any device and IP, the most popular device operating systems, third-party DNS services and can be configured on endpoints, APs, WiFi routers (other WiFi network equipment), firewalls, and servers.

Reputation & money saver

You can avoid computer system recovery and uphold your precious reputation by filtering out dangerous and inappropriate web content. You’ve got enough on your plate, not to waste time for malware infection remediation and reputation recovery.

No complaints of inappropriate use of the internet

Block any dangerous, gross and unwanted content to keep your students’ parents and employees happy and get no complaints that inappropriate sites are available on your network. Choose which content categories to block or allow from the 61 SafeDNS categories.

Fast DNS resolving

The company’s filtering servers, located all over the world, are connected by BGP Anycast protocol in a failover network. It is designed to process queries from millions of users in a 24/7 mode, so that you can get the filtering service without interruptions. That’s why we guarantee users no latency in resolving their DNS queries.

Test lab certification & award

Since 2015 the SafeDNS award-winning filtering service has annually been tested and certified by AV-Comparatives, a world-known test lab. For all the 4 years SafeDNS has had no false positives and has got the lab’s Approved Parental Control Product award.

In the 2018 tests, SafeDNS blocked near-perfect 98,3% of requests for adult content. For all the 4 years of testing SafeDNS has had no false positives.

Educators trust SafeDNS

  • Fr.Tolton Catholic High School

  • Universidad Metodista de Costa Rica

  • Thomas's London Day Schools

  • De La Salle University

  • Holy Rosary School

  • Contra Costa County Office of Education

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