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Protect your students against dangerous and inappropriate content on the internet

Schools and Libraries must ensure that learners and staff are protected and productive while using Internet Materials. For this reason, SafeDNS offers the best way to be compliant with CIPA’s and IWF’s regulations and protect students, teachers, and staff, and via roaming agents, provide web filtering to secure 1:1 initiatives on platforms running with windows.

Create a safe web for students and control your student network

Using SafeDNS

Benefits of Safe@Education for schools, colleges, universities, and libraries

Regulation compliance

A perfect solution for K-12 schools that wish to comply with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), and to be eligible for the E-Rate Funding in the U.S. Our web filtering also complies with rules and regulations in Education from the IWF, BpjM, and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection.

Remote Management and Protection

Because our solution is cloud-based, schools and libraries can deploy their web filtering in a few minutes remotely, and monitor what students do online across multiple devices, platforms, and networks — Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS.


A special pricing plan for K-12 Schools, as schools and districts are usually under constant budget limitations.

Wi-Fi hotspots protection

Comprehensive content filtering for Wi-Fi hotspots at educational institutions.

Seamless implementation

With the increasing integration of connected devices in education and other 1:1 programs, Safe@Education helps IT Managers to implement web filtering and internet security to all devices seamlessly.

Detailed Reporting

Receive comprehensive reports about the websites watched by your students during class sessions. Daily, weekly, and monthly internet usage stats.

Without hardware or software requirements

Safe@Education is the absolute cost-effective internet filtering for K-12 schools, libraries, and universities. All you need is to redirect the facility´s DNS to start the Internet filter within minutes.

Simple Setup

Any admin can set up our web filtering for schools/libraries in minutes. Safe@Education is not only easy to deploy, but also offers great scalability for any projects.

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Additional Safe@Education features for internet filtering for schools, universities, colleges, and libraries

Cloud-Based DNS filtering

No hardware and software, more flexibility, and scalability. Prevent phishing, malware, botnets, and ransomware attacks.

Safe Search

All queries on 'Google Search' and 'Bing Search' engines will be forced to use 'Safe Search' filters, and social media monitoring and control.

Policy Enforcement for 1:1 Initiatives

Our DNS-based service protects your student when they use an electronic device in order to access the Internet, digital course materials, and digital textbooks.

Web categorization

Enhanced malware prevention with our 61 content-based categories to block more than 100 million daily attacks originating from web browsing.

Smart Contextual Analysis

AI- and machine-learning-powered for real-time protection. Control your internet access to avoid students from reaching harmful and adult websites.

Customizable filtering

Granular and detailed filtering for students, teachers, administrators, individual classrooms, and district offices allowing them to block webpages at once.

Educational Institutions that Trust SafeDNS

  • Fr.Tolton Catholic High School

  • Universidad Metodista de Costa Rica

  • Thomas's London Day Schools

  • De La Salle University

  • Holy Rosary School

  • Contra Costa County Office of Education

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How to ensure internet safety for educational institutions & libraries

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