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Advanced web shield for you and your loved ones

Parents don’t want their children to be misled by the many perils on the internet.

That’s why parenting techniques very often run the gamut, though ineffective at times. Therefore, how to block websites containing offensive content to attain your children?

SafeDNS - the all-in-one solution, award-winning parental control software will nursemaid your kids when you're away. Whether they are doing research for a school project, chitchatting with friends, or just savoring all the good stuff that the Internet has to offer.

It does not matter what age your kids are, which mobile device they use (cellphones, tablets,etc.), social media they find themselves on, or whether it is on a Mac or Windows computer.

Parenting in the digital era is the idea of hell for any parents. The impact of internet threats on your family outweighs the cost of any web filtering solution out there.

We have good news, you can protect your children against cyber threats and unwanted content and avoid the worst.

Protect your family against cyber threats, porn, violence and drug propaganda

Using SafeDNS is doing DNS Filtering at its best

With 110 million websites in the database, SafeDNS detects harmful content before you load the first byte, and you get 100% guaranteed uptime and no false alarms.

Which website protection solutions do you get with SafeDNS?

Friendly Internet For Families

Block adult content or pornographic, abusive, violent, or any inappropriate content you deemed unwanted from a list of 61 categories available. You may use ‘Blacklist’ to filter explicit content.

Internet timer

By setting time and screen limits for your internet usage, time management becomes a piece of cake. What’s impressive is you do it from the cloud and remotely.

3 filtering policies

Create up to 3 user profiles, e.g., kids, teenagers and adults. Then, apply the settings to control your family’s internet usage. This is convenient especially when you have home users of different ages.

Online ad blocker

Sometimes, you need focus while working at your office or home, but nagging ads keep bothering you. SafeDNS helps you block inopportune and recurring ads in real time, like banners, context advertising, pop-ups, video, and audio ads.

Additional features of SafeDNS

Home network & individual protection

You may choose to filter the entire home network or just your kids’ devices. This, by reinforcing Safe and Strict Search on platforms such as Google, YouTube, etc., making secure surfing for everyone possible.

SafeDNS Agent

Download SafeDNS Agent on your PC to install and launch the service promptly. It's also the one place to manage and set your filtering policies.

Supported devices

SafeDNS supports any device, IP, or third-party DNS services. For instance, it can be configured on various devices, e.g., computers, cellphones, tablets, home Wi-Fi routers, or smart TV sets.

Parental control application on Android

Download SafeDNS Parental Control App on your kids' Android devices. SafeDNS app works both on cellular & Wi-Fi connection. It also blocks unwanted apps and filters online content on web browsers installed in the protected devices.

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Award-Winning Software 4 years in a row

Since 2015 the SafeDNS content filtering service is certified by AV-Comparatives, a high-profile test lab. SafeDNS received an Approved Parental Control Product award for 4 years in a row.

What’s more, since 2018 SafeDNS has blocked 98.5% of requests for adult content with 0 false alarms.

Enhanced child protection

To ensure a kid-friendly environment, SafeDNS partnered with two leading global organizations dedicated to child protection.

As a member of the Internet Watch Foundation, SafeDNS receives a Child Abuse Image Content List. In the same way, from the Project Arachnid, compiled by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection.

What our home users are saying

I converted. I have been happy with the service. It took a while to get my router set up. But things are great. I will continue to recommend to my audience. Would appreciate a Mac OSX app by the way.

Matt Dobschuetz
46 years

SafeDNS in numbers

sites in the database

of content, categorized by subject

cyber threats blocked daily

What SafeDNS delivers

DNS website filtering

SafeDNS detects both HTTP and HTTPS malicious websites and blocks them even before you receive the first byte.

Highly precised Filtering with multiple categories

SafeDNS uses 110M sites, distributed in 61 content categories, providing accurate results.

Category-based filtering

Decide what type of content to block or allow on your network. SafeDNS provides 61 categories to choose from.

Internet usage stats

SafeDNS helps you check detailed filtering stats and reports. Hence, you can keep an eye on your kids’ online activities and adjust the filter accordingly.

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