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SafeDNS content filtering service makes safe Internet available for users of Windows, Linux and MacOS on laptops, netbooks, iOS & Android tablets and smartphones (See Guides for the technical requirements). Our service is compatible with all types of routers and gateways.

Our content filter is an excellent way to provide online safety for you, your family or your business. Start your free 15-day trial of the service right now - without risk or commitment. The trial can be easily converted to subscription.

For Home

With our Internet security and parental control system your entire family is shielded from online threats and unwanted websites.
SafeDNS service allows you to effectively manage your kids' access to the web even when you are not at home. Make Internet surfing safer for them at any time.

Protect your home network with Safe@Home plan now!


  • Protect up to 3 home networks on single account
  • Protect all your Internet-connected devices & computers
  • Protect your computers off the home network with SafeDNS Agent
  • Protect your network from botnets, phishing and malware websites
  • Easy configuration via any IP or dynamic DNS service
  • Fine tune your filtering with three filtering profiles and black/white lists
  • Block unwanted ads (banners, context, video, pop-ups)

$19.95 per year
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Learn more about features of Safe@Home plan.

For Business

Our content filtering service for SMBs allows you to control how employees use corporate network. SafeDNS web filter helps employers to limit personnel's irrelevant Internet activity saving working time thus significantly cutting corporate expenses. In short, it is perfect for you and your staff.

We offer several Safe@Office plans which are similar in the following features
  • Protection of all Internet-connected devices & computers with any OS
  • Protection from botnets, phishing and malware sites
  • Support for static&dynamic IPs and third-party dynamic DNS services
  • Protection for off-network computers with SafeDNS Agent
  • Support for Active Directory resources
  • Fully customizable block page
  • Detailed reports and stats archive for one year
  • Stats export
  • Admin audit log

Safe@Office Plans

For 5 users

  • 5 filtering profiles
  • 50 white/blacklist domains per each profile

$80 per year
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For 10 users

  • 10 filtering profiles
  • 100 white/blacklist domains per each profile

$150 per year
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For 25 users

  • 25 filtering profiles
  • 250 white/blacklist domains per each profile

$350 per year
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For 50 users

  • 50 filtering profiles
  • 500 white/blacklist domains per each profile

$600 per year
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For 75 users

  • 75 filtering profiles
  • 750 white/blacklist domains per each profile

$785 per year
Buy now

For 100 users

  • 100 filtering profiles
  • 1000 white/blacklist domains per each profile

$970 per year
Buy now

Need plan for more than 100 users? Call us for custom pricing.
We offer custom plans and discounts for educational institutions, libraries, child centers & churches. Contact us with your needs to get the quote.

Learn more about features of Safe@Office plans.

For Enterprise

We offer special protection for large corporations and enterprises. SafeDNS cloud based filtering service fully meets their demands in securing web connection of any number of offices and networks.

Contact our Sales to learn more about Enterprise plan with almost unlimited features.

Still have questions?

Have questions on plans and service features? Need custom plan for ISP or Wi-Fi network?
Please contact us at +1 571 814 3054, by e-mail: or via Feedback form.

We also welcome any suggestions for improving our service there.
Check Solutions page to learn more about our service and standalone solutions.

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