Do you manufacture PCs, mobile devices or routers? Or do you develop antivirus or content filtering software? Learn more about the SafeDNS OEM partnership program.

SafeDNS is a leading developer of content filtering solutions. The company's services are used by tens of thousands of home users, thousands of companies, schools and hundreds of providers.

Possible Ways of an OEM Partnership with SafeDNS:

If you develop antivirus software or content filtering systems, you might want to use our huge database of categorized websites, which covers more than 90 million domains (and billions of web pages) and we constantly update it. All the websites are divided into 55+ categories: pornography, intrusive advertising, online gambling, vulgar-content websites, social networks, business, kids, blogs, etc. The database can be delivered to you in a form of service (REST API) or as a standalone solution.

If you manufacture PCs, tablets, smartphones, other mobile devices or routers, you can integrate our filtering service into your devices or systems. We can preinstall our parental control software into your computers or other devices. If you do not want to show the SafeDNS brand, there is an opportunity to white label our system and show your own brand to your customers.

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SafeDNS Filtering Solutions:

Corporate Web Filter. Using our system, you can easily create controlled access to the websites for your customers' employees.
Content Filtering for Schools and Libraries. The SafeDNS content filter is already used in several thousand schools and libraries, and its settings can be customized to comply with any legislation to protect children online in accordance with the requirements of almost any country. The filtering system passes the strictest verifications. It's reliable protection for minors, without overblocking.

Internet Filtering and Parental Control for Home Users. Our home solution is ideal for blocking access to inappropriate resources from over 55 categories of websites. SafeDNS has seen to it that its customers get enhanced filtering of adult and child sexual abuse images. 

SafeDNS is a Member of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), a leading organisation for reporting and removing online child sexual abuse images and videos. Together we’re making the internet a safer place. Read more or report a website here: Do the right thing.

Being IWF Member, SafeDNS includes in its web filtering systems and blocks URLs of indecent images of children and abuse domains from Child Abuse Images and content list (CAIC) compiled by IWF. 

Protection for Users of the Public WiFi Hotspots. We can protect your users from malware, phishing, dangerous and other websites in accordance with your policy. SafeDNS is also Friendly WiFi Approved Provider which means our content filtering solutions are recommended for public WiFi owners and providers seeking to ensure safe web connection for their users.

Products for Content Filtering and Security for Telecom Operators and Large Corporate Customers.

Benefits you Get from a Partnership with SafeDNS:

You Save Time and Concentrate on your Work. You don't need to invent your own filtering system or create a database of website. We do it for you.
You Save your Money. Development of a filtering system requires immense investments. Why spend more, if we have already created an excelent filtering system for you?
You Provide a New Service to your Customers. Now they don't need to worry about internet protection. The filtering system is already installed on PCs, mobile devices and routers.
You Get a Competitive Advantage Over other Manufacturers in your Industry. Consumers are more likely to choose a PC, mobile device or router with an installed filtering system.
You Increase the Social Responsibility of your Brand. People see that you take care of your customers and worry about their safety on the internet.
You Get Additional Sources of Revenue. You can set your own prices for the filtering system for your clients.
You Get the Reseller Panel. The panel allows for the creation necessary plans for end users and manage all the customers' networks from the single dashboard.

"Look out for firms like SafeDNS, etc. to make significant moves from a partnering perspective".
Christopher Wilder,

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