To update your dynamic IP attached to our service you should make an HTTP request to the following URL:

An example of such a request with unencoded authorization data (suppoted by DD-WRT, OPEN-WRT routers and other systems): 

An example of a raw HTTP request with encoded authorization data: 

GET /nic/update?hostname=home HTTP/1.0
Authorization: Basic base64-encoded-auth-string

Raw Requests Authorization

For raw HTTP requests Basic Authorization should be used.

You should pass a special Authorization header in each request, which should contain a base64-encoded string username:password. Basic authorization method should be clearly designated.

Header example:

Authorization: Basic NDc2MDE4N2Q4MWJjNGI3Nzk5NDc2YjQycjUxMDM3MTM6ZjI1YmViZjk5MWZmNDE5ODkzZGIyNTU3MjhlNGUxZGU=

URL Parameters

username:password Yes Login and password of your account. We use email as a login.
hostname Yes Name of the host, that is used for identification, when you attach several IPs to single profile.
profile No Numeric ID of filtering profile to which IP should be attached. IDs of profiles are shown in the dashboard in Profiles menu.
myip No Your external IP is up for renewal. For security reasons we ignore that parameter and get your new IP as it is detected on the side of our system.

Response codes

Authentication required Error Authentication required, incorrect data in Authorization header
badprofile Error Incorrect profile
!yours Error IP is already used by some other user or is attached as static on different profile in your account. You can get more information on such errors in your dashboard in Nets menu
good IP_ADDRESS Success Address is successfully attached