Oct. 24, 2017

Dear friends, 

SafeDNS has once again made its service better and easier for you to use.

Modern day web applications and online services have a complex structure -  to be fully operational they use a number of domains. That's why such applications and services are a bit tricky to always block or allow via SafeDNS. It is not enough to add just a single domain to a SafeDNS white or black list. Instead, several domains should be added to the list. And it is not entirely obvious for a user which domains to add. 

Previously, in our FAQ we informed users how to always block or allow a service or application specifying a number of domains to be added to white or black lists. SafeDNS users had to manually add several domains just to have a certain service or application blocked. For example, to filter out Skype a user had to manually add 8 domains into her black list (together with skype.com). 

Now you can include all domains used to provide a particular online service into a white or black list in just a couple of clicks. When you include into a list a service or application that uses a number of domains, you will see a pop-up prompting you to add a number of other sites for correct work of the service  or application included into the list. 

Here's what you are going to see if you include skype.com to your black list – a pop up prompting you to add 8 more domains to have Skype correctly blocked. 

Just click the "Add" button and all the necessary domains will automatically be included to your black list. Easy. No more tedious manual work! And you do not have to guess, if there are more domains to be added, to white- or blacklist a specific online service or web application. The pop up prompter will help you with that. 

Finding such complex services and applications is no small feat. That's why there are just a few of them in our database right now. But this is a work in progress. We'll keep adding new complex services and applications to the SafeDNS database so that it will be easier for you to include them into your lists of exceptions. 

We hope you will find the new feature helpful. Use the SafeDNS service to the full!

Your SafeDNS Team

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