Aug. 17, 2018

Dear friends, 

A month ago Symantec announced it was about to retire Norton ConnectSafe on November 15th, 2018, a web filtering solution which was a very simplistic version of SafeDNS. 

The reason for the ConnectSafe end-of-life announcement is given as a "shift in Symantec's business focus". The decision is unsurprising as in a highly competitive globalized business environment even cybersecurity giants have to make an uneasy choice as to which products and services to develop or retire. 


SafeDNS fully supports Symantec's decision to leave the web content filtering market segment to market actors concentrating on it. SafeDNS's focus on developing advanced reliable and efficient solutions for web content filtering is as strong as ever. 

The SafeDNS cloud filtering service has been successfully tested multiple times by AV-Comparatives, a world-known test lab. As a result SafeDNS gets Approved Parental Control Product award for 4 straight years. That's why the SafeDNS service can comfortably be used by: 

  • educational institutions for safeguarding students and staff from dangerous and inappropriate online content
  • public Wi-Fi providers to make their Wi-Fi really safe and family-friendly
  • businesses of any size as a means to drive internet security and productivity
  • telecoms to protect their entire networks and individual users against botnets, malicious and phishing resources 
  • home users in need of an easy-to-set-up and use parental control 

The SafeDNS cloud filtering service can be used on any web-connected device, including Wi-Fi routers. SafeDNS provides granular multi-policy filtering for every device on your network and supports filtering both HTTP and HTTPS sites. 


The company welcomes current and former ConnectSafe users to try the SafeDNS filtering service right now. Before you start setting up SafeDNS on your devices, please remove ConnectSafe from them. It is pretty easy – check out this guide to learn how to do it.

Give SafeDNS a try and you will see your protection against malware gets significantly better as has already been proved by independent third-party tests.

To encourage all ConnectSafe users to migrate to SafeDNS we offer you a deal not to miss - get SafeDNS on Safe@Home Plan for 3 months absolutely FREEThe promotion is valid from Nov.8, 2018 through Dec.31, 2018. 

Your SafeDNS Team

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