Dec. 29, 2018

Dear friends,

We sincerely wish everyone Happy Holidays

It is time to sum up 2018. During the year we have been working hard on making the SafeDNS filtering service better, faster, more reliable and looking nicer. All of this is done to provide you, our valued users, a really safe and comfortable online environment. 

We’d like to share with you our achievements of 2018 and some of the plans for 2019.

The 5 important 2018 achievements, we are most proud of, are: 

1. We have grown SafeDNS Categorization Database to 105M internet resources. This has become possible due to painstaking everyday work of the company’s data analytics and scientists. Now SafeDNS Database competes on equal terms with analogues by other vendors and is the solid foundation of our high quality content filtering, allowing us to give users access to relevant, appropriate and safe resources only.

2. In may 2018 at Cloud & Cyber Security Expo Hong Kong we showcased a brand-new threat intelligence system which is also, in large part, based on SafeDNS Database. 
Other large industry events, we have participated this year, are 4YFN (part of Mobile World Congress Barcelona), Infosecurity Mexico and CEBIT Hannover. 

3. This year SafeDNS has added 4 new network nodes – 1 in Peru, 2 in the US and 1 in South Africa. Thus, the company’s filtering servers are now located on each continent. SafeDNS now ranks among the fastest DNS resolvers on the global scale, according to the DNSPerf data.

4. For the paid SafeDNS plans we have deployed several new useful features. Namely, an option to assign different roles to filtering service account admins, a feature to remotely manage SafeDNS Agent copies, a protection against DNS changing malware, and a number of other improvements and additions which contribute to your overall SafeDNS experience.

4. For 4th year straight SafeDNS has sustainably proved its top notch quality of web filtering – we have once again been acknowledged as Approved Parental Control Product by AV-Comparatives, a world-known test lab.

As we are all set to work even harder on achieving the ultimate goal – to make our service the best in the world, these are the things we have planned for next year

1. A SafeDNS mobile app will be launched in 2019. We have received scores of requests for such an app, considering that the number of internet users surfing the web via mobile devices has already overtaken the one who surf the web via desktop computers. We are going to release an app version for Android-based devices first, a bit later – for iOS-based ones.

2. We plan to drastically redesign our website and Service Dashboard to make them more useful for SafeDNS resellers, MSPs and business customers.

3. We will launch a number of new service plans for home users. There will be plans for those users who need to protect only mobile devices.

4. Our users’ privacy will be improved with the launch of encryption of DNS queries via the DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS protocols. The SafeDNS filtering service is also going to support the IPv6 protocol.

5. We are going to make using the internet even safer by adding a number of innovative service features based on analyzing DNS traffic in real time. 

Well, we hope you will stay with SafeDNS for the coming year and even longer. And stay safe on the internet!

Your SafeDNS Team

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