Oct. 27, 2017

Dear friends, 

SafeDNS is proud to announce partnership with SAMA WiFi, the largest distributor in Mexico and national leader in the Wi-Fi solutions market. 

Our new partner offers its customers our innovative Wi-Fi products and services.

SafeDNS provides wireless ISPs and public Wi-Fi owners with a reliable and easy-to-use content filtering system to secure networks and individual users from emerging cyber threats and unwanted online content.

SAMA WiFi knows that our Wi-Fi solutions are just perfect for their customers who provide Wi-Fi in all kinds of public places – in malls, public transport vehicles, restaurants and cafes, hotels, caravan parks etc. Responsible Wi-Fi providers need the SafeDNS simple and efficient solutions to make the internet connection cleaner and safer.

With the help of our new partner who provides a unique service to its customers through the sale and distribution of Wi-Fi solutions in Mexico we will boost sales of our Wi-Fi products and services in Mexico and across Latin America. 

Your SafeDNS Team 

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