Jan. 18, 2017

Dear friends, 

SafeDNS is honored to be included into the latest PC Magazine review of the best parental control software for 2017 which once again testifies to the top quality of the SafeDNS content filtering service for families. That is why our current users can safely say the money paid for the SafeDNS service is money well spent. 

Our multi-policy filtering service is an efficient tool to safeguard kids from inappropriate content and online time wasters (e.g. social media, gaming sites etc.) and to protect entire families against such web threats as botnets, malicious and phishing resources. This is very important for all responsible parents as they are fully aware how dangerous it is nowadays to let kids surf the web without reliable protection against harmful content, malware and multiple scams designed to steal money, personal information and to turn family's internet-connected devices into part of botnets. 

SafeDNS users are the ones to fully manage the parental control service choosing what internet resources to block or allow on their home network and how much time children spend online. A large number of useful SafeDNS features gives users plenty of opportunities to personalize the service to their individual needs. Whether adults want to enforce Safe Search Mode for Google and Bing search engines and enable YouTube Restricted Mode, filter out web ads and insert their own text and image into the service block page this is all can easily be done from anywhere on the internet via a service web-based dashboard. 

SafeDNS welcomes families from all over the globe to use the company's parental control service. To improve user experience for people from any corner of the world the SafeDNS service is made available in the following languages – English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, and Arabic. 

Get your entire family protected right now. Try SafeDNS for free

Your SafeDNS Team 

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