Aug. 1, 2018

Dear friends, 

We are glad to announce our new partnership with Friendly WiFi which is a UK government-initiated safety certification for public WiFi. 

Owners of certified wireless networks are eligible to use and display a Friendly WiFi symbol at their venues, use the electronic symbol on their Wi-Fi landing pages, websites and marketing materials. This symbol means that public Wi-Fi is safe for children and meets necessary web filtering standards. 


This partnership truly demonstrates SafeDNS is profoundly interested and deeply involved in protecting children, their parents, in a word all users, against inappropriate content, advanced web threats and cyber attacks. And we are eager to provide such an opportunity to our partners and clients. 

For Wi-Fi providers and business our partnership with Friendly WiFi means that their wireless network users are under a high quality and reliable protection. SafeDNS technology, powered by machine learning, is processing DNS requests in a quasi-real-time mode to identify infected hosts and provide a threat protection service. 

Now you can not only obtain SafeDNS web filtering solutions to safeguard your guests and customers from cyber threats and unwanted content, but get a Friendly WiFi certification with 10% discount. Show your network users that your online experience is secure and your customers are safe.

Friendly WiFi Symbol will prove that your public Wi-Fi networks are free from pornography, web pages hosting child sexual abuse images, explicit content images and videos. 


The SafeDNS solutions fully meet Friendly WiFi requirements and keep your network users safe online. SafeDNS gives public Wi-Fi owners a special offer of 10% discount for Friendly WiFi certification. With it you will be able to display Friendly WiFi Symbol in your venue and provide a safer internet to staff members and guests. Visit the dedicated site page and fill in an online form to apply for the certification. 

Your SafeDNS Team

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