April 12, 2016

SafeDNS joins Friendly WiFi initiative and is recognized as Friendly WiFi Approved Provider that safeguards kids and young people on the web. 

This means SafeDNS content filtering solutions are recommended for use by public WiFi owners and providers seeking to ensure safe web connection for their users.  SafeDNS service allows its customers to block porn, adult and child sexual abuse images, and other unwanted information on the internet.

Apart from filtering out inappropriate content, our service provides an additional layer of security against phishing, malware and botnets complementing users' anti-virus.  The service also protects WiFi networks against threats from infected end users' devices.

By deploying SafeDNS, public WiFi owners and providers acknowledge their social responsibility clearly showing that they do care about their customers' safety online.  Which is especially important for parents with children coming to venues with access to public WiFi.

Friendly WiFi scheme has been devised by RDI (UK) Holdings in collaboration with the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS), UK Government and the largest WiFi providers with the same goal in mind.  According to Friendlywifi.com "it is the world’s first public WiFi accreditation scheme. Successfully accredited venues can "display the new colorful ‘Friendly WiFi’ symbol.  It shows their internet users the WiFi they provide is safe to use". 

Our partnership with Friendly WiFi is one more proof of the efficiency of SafeDNS products and services for all our users – from public WiFi owners and providers, to educators, families, businesses, ISPs and telecoms.  Having deployed the company's content filtering solutions, our customers are sure their safety online is properly taken care of.  With SafeDNS, web users all over the world get a cleaner and safer internet. 

Your SafeDNS Team

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