Aug. 20, 2018

Dear friends, 

SafeDNS proudly presents its new complete content filtering service guide. It's a useful and important means for SafeDNS users to get answers to the most common questions that arise when using the web filtering service. 


With the help of this guide you can: 

  • easily configure internet filtering on any device, 
  • learn how to efficiently use additional features, a filtering schedule and separate filtering policies, 
  • find answers to key questions about buying a license and extending the SafeDNS service.
We've taken every effort to make it as complete and easy-to-understand as possible. 

Take a close look at SafeDNS Service Guide. It might well be that in it you'll see information which is entirely new to you and which can help you to further benefit with the web filtering service. Use SafeDNS to the full!

Your SafeDNS Team

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