Feb. 13, 2018

Dear friends, 

As you already know we continue to improve our service on a daily basis. To make the SafeDNS protection against dangerous sites better we have added to our categorization database a list of URLs compiled by Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit (CTIRU). It is run by the Metropolitan Police (UK) to remove unlawful terrorist content from the internet and deals mostly with UK-based content. The list is updated monthly which ensures new dangerous URLs included into it are reliably blocked by SafeDNS. 

Sites from the CTIRU list are filtered out by our content filtering service in case the SafeDNS content category of Hate and Discrimination is marked for blocking by our users. 

The latest addition is just the next step in our carefully coordinated measures to deliver users a filtering service with top-notch quality. We constantly adapt the service to modern day realities in a fast changing world. Last December we added a category called German Youth Protection. It contains sites considered unsafe by Federal Department for media harmful to young persons (BPjM), Germany. In spring 2016 SafeDNS started to block resources from Child Abuse Images and content list (CAIC) compiled by Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), UK. The list contains URLs of indecent images of children and abuse domains.

All these measures can greatly help owners of public Wi-Fi networks, educational institutions and caring parents to protect children and adults against dangerous and terrorism-related stuff on the internet. 

Your SafeDNS Team

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