Jan. 19, 2017

SafeDNS is excited to exhibit at Early Stage Expo, part of RSA Conference 2017 which will take place in San Francisco in less than a month. RSA Conference Early Stage Expo is a space dedicated to young promising infosec companies just as SafeDNS is. 

Over the years of successful work in the information security sector SafeDNS has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise as to how internet works and is used, what threats emerge there and how to protect against them. With this knowledge and expertise we create an outstanding technology to provide diverse groups of customers and partners with efficient and reliable products and services to safeguard users from web threats and drive partners' revenue. 

At the expo (February 14-16) we will showcase our company to thousands of RSA attendees to tell them about SafeDNS web security and filtering solutions. Besides, we are going to present our next-generation technology for internet and cyber threat intelligence services. Based on analyzing and processing big data with such methods as continuous machine learning and user behavior analysis SafeDNS generates solutions tailored to specific industry needs.  

If you are an ISP or a mobile carrier, a vendor of infosec software or a networking hardware manufacturer, an IT service provider or a reseller of infosec products stop by the SafeDNS booth#ESE-03 to learn more about our filtering solutions as well as internet and cyber threat intelligence services we provide. 

Visit us at RSA Conference Early Stage Expo to get information on how you can benefit from our products and services. 

is one of the best known events for the latest info security trends, approaches and technology. Top information security leaders, industry pioneers and tens of thousands of IT professionals attend the conference every year. Unlike RSA Conference 2017 proper, Early Stage Expo will be located in Marriott Marquis on February 14-16. To learn more: www.rsaconference.com

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