June 16, 2016

SafeDNS is proud to announce that it has recently become partners with ISP*D International Software Partners GmbH, a large software distributor. Headquartered in Germany ISP*D has over a quarter century experience of software distribution on the European market. Our new partner is now ready to sell SafeDNS web filtering and online safety solutions available in the eight most popular languages in the EMEA.

SafeDNS is honored and highly appreciates to have partnered such a large software distributor as ISP*D International Software Partners GmbH. Our company sees a great potential in working with the new partner in EMEA. Especially considering the fact that SafeDNS state of the art web filtering solutions for the widest possible range of customers are unrivaled among products and services offered by ISP*D.

About Software Distributor: ISP*D International Software Partners GmbH is specialized in marketing software applications and supporting the trade. Set up in 1989, ISP*D has localized its software distribution operations on the European market. Our core business for years has been selling interdisciplinary portfolio products to the IT trade and reliably procuring niche products. The core competencies of ISP*Distribution include long-standing experience and solid expertise in software.

Your SafeDNS Team

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