Oct. 11, 2016

Dear users,

SafeDNS constantly improves its service as the company pays close attention to users' expectations. That is why SafeDNS works nonstop on increasing its number of features and options. The ones introduced this week are aimed at businesses and resellers. 

Firstly, a feature called "Named lists" has become accessible for users of a range of Safe@Office as well as Safe@Enterprise and Reseller plans. Now one can create a list, name it the way one finds necessary, set an access policyto block or allow, include certain domains in the named list and assign it to needed filtering policies. 

This simplifies the management and propagation of black and white lists' global settings for an entire organization. Standard black and white lists can be used to fine tune the filtering service at the levels of organization's departments or of individual users. 

For resellers the "Named lists" feature is pretty much the same, only it allows to apply named black and white lists to specific customers right away – to a single one of them or several ones. To better understand what it means, let's assume that as a SafeDNS reseller you want to make sure your customers are well protected against botnets, malicious and phishing resources. So you create a black list named, for example, "Malware&Botnets – To block", include all the necessary domains in it and apply the list to the necessary customers. From now on, the listed sites will be blocked for these particular customers. 

Also for the convenience of resellers using its Subscription API SafeDNS has added features to request detailed service stats for a given month and a current day's activity. 

Besides, resellers offering their customers SafeDNS solutions now have an opportunity to enable an option of sending on their behalf monthly detailed reports to specific customers with all the sites requested and blocked from these customers' network. 

Another option, important for resellers, allows them to enable sending their customers' messages to reseller's support bypassing SafeDNS. Now any reseller can get direct feedback from their customers and process requests on the first line of support with only more complicated requests passed to SafeDNS. 

Your SafeDNS Team

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