June 14, 2016

Starting from today, June 14 to August 1, 2016 SafeDNS customers can protect their mobile devices with a new option for mobile web content filtering. 

The brand new option is designed for those who surf the web via tablets and smartphones. Every SafeDNS subscriber and user on a trial period is offered an opportunity to beta test the option on up to 10 mobile devices. There are detailed instructions for you to enable the mobile web content filtering option. It works regardless of the type of internet connection – mobile or WiFi, the users' location, web browser and mobile apps they prefer. The new feature is available to all customers on paid and trial plans. 

The internet filter on tablets and smartphones protects users from content they consider inappropriate, from intrusive online advertising and multiple web threats. Botnet command & control callbacks, phishing and malware resources are effectively blocked by SafeDNS.

The company's content filter makes it very easy to get rid of most internet ads – context, audio, video ones as well as banners and pop-ups. They are filtered out from mobile apps and web browser pages which helps users to concentrate only on the web content they really need. With the ad blocking feature on, users' devices will not be damaged with malicious software often hidden behind seemingly innocuous online ads. Having them blocked also prevents kids from seeing unacceptable advertising images. 

SafeDNS protects its customers from these threats allowing users to manage the service as they see fit by creating individual filtering rules. Thus every customer of SafeDNS is free to choose where to surf on the internet and what content should be accessible to their children. 

During the beta test period SafeDNS users will be asked for their opinion on how satisfied they are with the new option. All answers will be carefully considered and taken into account to improve the service.

Your SafeDNS Team

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