Nov. 23, 2017

Dear friends,

Cryptocurrency mining is in vogue now. To generate digital currency some build mining farms, and some use illegitimate methods or ones harmful to other netizens. Mining software is often propagated via Trojans and other malicious programs. In a hidden mode it is installed and launched on computers of unsuspecting internet surfers. When mining software is at work it exhausts CPU of a user device. 

The latest coin-mining trend is cryptojacking (a combination of the words "cryptocurrency" and "hijacking"). The term means using JavaSript-miners to take over computers for currency mining. JS-miners are launched and run on computers of users when they visit a certain site. According to research >30,000 internet resources contain a hidden JavaSript code to mine cryptocurrency via devices of their visitors. There's data that >500M people are served crypto mining scripts. Owners and administrators of the sites with such a hidden script either do not know that their resources contain it, or they insert the script intentionally and just do not notify site visitors about it. 

To help our users prevent exploitation of their devices by cybercriminals SafeDNS has added to its categorization database a number of JS-mining sites. We categorize them as malicious resources and add them to the "Virus propagation" category. This is how SafeDNS's again raised your level of security. Everything the company does is about further improving protection of our users from well-known and emerging internet threats.  

Your SafeDNS Team

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