Dec. 15, 2016

Dear users, 

Today a new version of SafeDNS ISP Go, our parental control platform, is made available to network operators. This version supports advanced statistics which is vital for mobile and internet service providers using the platform. Now it is very easy for them to learn what online resources their network users surf to and when. 

The new version of ISP Go provides different kinds of stats and reports as well as raw statistics. Various filters can be applied to the stats to get the information operators need. Whether they want to learn how many requests there are to the allowed and blocked content categories from their network and which sites and categories are the most popular with their customers and to get stats for a certain period of time – all of that is now possible with the SafeDNS platform. Besides, mobile and internet service providers will always know if there are any requests from their users to malicious resources and servers controlling botnets. 

With such detailed data, including minute-by-minute one, network operators can better manage all kinds of services generated via ISP Go. 

To get the new version of the SafeDNS platform, please, contact Sales. SafeDNS is definitely not through with improvements to its parental control platform. We keep working on them and will soon introduce even more new exciting features to ISP Go. 

To learn more about the SafeDNS parental control platform visit the dedicated website page. 

Your SafeDNS Team 

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