March 1, 2016

SafeDNS offers houses of worship all over the world to register for 12 months free use of our web filtering service.  This giveaway project is launched on February 29 for all churches which need to protect their congregation from inappropriate content on the internet. 

With SafeDNS church IT pros can easily block access to any undesirable and dangerous information. Apart from the internet filtering, our cloud service makes the web safer as we efficiently block malware, phishing and botnets complementing users' AV and firewalls. The ads blocking feature of SafeDNS also contributes to this purpose. With the ads blocker on, users avoid seeing all kinds of annoying and inappropriate ads online. The feature filters out malware distributed through ads. 

The service implementation does not lead to any expenses as no additional hardware and software is necessary.  The cloud service can be set on any web connected device: a server, a Wi-Fi router, a computer and a mobile device. 

Those registered for our service decide for themselves which websites to block or allow choosing among the five dozen categories of domains. That is how church attendees can be protected online from, for example, porn, drugs, hate & discrimination, gambling sites, and other unwanted content.  

Any attempts to bypass the filtering are useless as the service blocks access to proxies & anonymizers making our users' web connection really safe.  SafeDNS award-winning service effectively prevents children and adults from coming across inappropriate web content either intentionally or accidentally.  

The company has initiated the giveaway as our primary goal is to make the web cleaner and safer for people in every part of the globe. We are convinced there is much more to this life than making profit. First and foremost, we would like to do good, to bring something of real value to our users and the world.  

In Europe, North and South America churches have already taken part in this giveaway deploying our web filtering solution for free. According to a project participant "SafeDNS is doing a great job protecting our guests from unwanted content." "I can’t think of any features that are not helpful… But I think my favorite is the “Force Safe Search” feature" said Mike Gold, Director of Information Technology, Hope Church Memphis. 

Do not lose time as the giveaway offer for reliable online protection of churches' entire congregation expires on March 31, 2016.  For project participant there are no obligations for any future purchase of the service.

Your SafeDNS Team

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