Feb. 6, 2017

Dear friends, 

You have got a cool new feature added to your service dashboard by SafeDNS – a block page preview. 

Our users who create personal block pages know they come in handy. Like when parents want to warn kids in an informal manner that they are trying to reach an inappropriate site. 

Or a service administrator needs to inform corporate network users who to address in case any questions about the filtering service arise.

Now you can view the created block page. Just press the “View” link to make sure the page looks exactly the way you envision it. There’s a typo on the block page? Correct it right away! Make all other necessary changes to your page so it looks perfect. 

We hope you are going to like the new feature. SafeDNS improves its service all the time to make it great. Our users deserve the best! 

Your SafeDNS Team 

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