With Dovado Wi-Fi routers you can apply different filtering policies (profiles) to devices behind NAT on these routers.

Please, keep in mind that you need to configure the SafeDNS module on a Dovado router first with this guide.

To apply a specific policy for a device you need to go to the control panel of your router, in the left menu choose Parental control and go to the Settings tab.

Here, you can bind the MAC address of each device on the Wi-Fi network to a specific filtering profile. Choose a device. I will choose my Android smartphone.

Choose a profile and click Add. I am choosing the “example” profile for my device.

And click the Save settings button.

That is it! Now all devices connected to this Wi-Fi router are filtering by “Default” profile, but my Android smartphone is binded to the “example” profile. 

Following these steps you can set a specific filtering policy for each device on your Wi-Fi network.